The Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition is a forum for networking and exchanging ideas between peers. This year's conference theme is 'En route'. Thank you to everyone who submitted a session proposal, submitters will be notified about their proposal status in March. 

Conference theme: En Route!

The 2024 EAIE Conference theme ‘En Route!’ translates to ‘we are on our way’ and highlights the energy with which our community is moving towards a brighter future. This work involves exploring the possibilities of increasingly powerful digital technologies, implementing sustainable practices in our institutions, developing innovative ways to support the interests of a wonderfully diverse community of students and staff, collaborating creatively with industry or community partners and so much more. Actively learning as we go, we are ‘en route’ to a better tomorrow through our individual efforts as professionals in the field and in the ways we identify opportunities and develop solutions as a community.

Call for proposals timeline

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    Call for proposals opens

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    Proposal submission deadline

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    Submitters are notified about their proposals

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    34th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition

Become a speaker

Every year we seek out current and thought-provoking topics and speakers who can engage their audiences with quality-driven content in lively and informative discussions. The call for session proposals will open later this year and more information about the call, our main topics and instructions on how to submit your proposal will follow soon. Click on different proposal types below to learn about each format.


Sessions give participants a quick overview – 30 or 60 min – of a particular subject. As well as knowledge-sharing, sessions should offer enough room for discussion.

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Poster sessions

Poster sessions combine graphic and text elements into a poster to display a specific topic. Presenters are allocated a 90-minute slot in which to discuss their work with participants.

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Ignite© sessions

Ignite© sessions are a fast-paced first glance at different topics, intended to fire up discussions. Speakers have just five exciting minutes in which to present an idea.

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Workshops are a training experience available to conference participants at an additional fee. They should be highly interactive and provide networking opportunities.

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