Membership questions

You've probably got a few questions about getting started, view all the frequently asked questions here. If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact the EAIE Office


About membership

Who can join the EAIE?

Any individual interested in the internationalisation of higher education and the aims of the EAIE may apply for membership. Group membership is available until the end of March, while individual membership is open year-round.

Why should I become an EAIE member?

Becoming an EAIE member grants you access to a vibrant, supportive community of global higher education professionals. EAIE Membership unlocks benefits including:

  • Connect with a global network of peers through the member directory and Community Platform.

  • Access to member-exclusive resources, publications and video content.

  • Significant discounts on EAIE activities and events.

  • Participation in the Mentorship and Awards programmes.

  • Discounts on book series and other partner events.

How much does EAIE membership cost?

Membership costs €260 per year. Applicants from 'low-income economies' or 'lower-middle economies' by the World Bank qualify for a reduced fee of €130. Group membership packages and reduced membershp for young professionals are offered at the start of each year. You can view all the membership options and pricing here

How long does EAIE membership last?

EAIE memberships follow a calendar year cycle, running from 01 January to 31 December annually. Regardless of when you join during the year, all memberships conclude on 31 December of that membership year. The pricing remains fixed at €260 throughout the year, regardless of when you take out membership. Securing your membership early allows you to make the most of the year-long benefits offered by the EAIE.

Can I cancel my EAIE membership?

Yes, you can end your membership anytime by contacting the EAIE Office. However, no membership fee refunds are possible, and outstanding invoices must be settled.

Can I or my institution transfer my EAIE membership?

EAIE memberships are personal and belong to an individual. If you change roles or move to a different organisation, your EAIE membership remains with you. Simply update your details within your EAIE account to reflect the changes, ensuring uninterrupted access to your membership benefits.

I created an account on the EAIE website, does this mean I have membership?

Creating an account on our website provides access to personalised content, tailored events, and news relevant to your interests. It ensures you receive updates about our activities and join our mailing list. However, having an EAIE account doesn’t automatically grant EAIE membership privileges. To access the full scope of membership benefits—such as access to exclusive resources, events, discounts and more—you'll need to specifically purchase an EAIE membership for the year.

Is the EAIE an accreditation body?

The EAIE does not operate as an accreditation, recognition, or validation body for organisations with commercial or educational interests in the higher education systems of Europe or beyond. No claims may be made by other organisations which imply that the EAIE has accredited, recognised, validated or in any other way reviewed their services.

Does the EAIE provide funding or scholarships for students?

No, the EAIE doesn't offer funding or award scholarships. For these types of opportunities, please refer to Study in EuropeScholarship portal, or the Grants Register by Palgrave Macmillan that provides a comprehensive guide to postgraduate and professional funding worldwide.

Where can I access the member directory?

If you are a current member, visit My EAIE to access the member directory, messaging services and more member-only resources. Please ensure you are logged in with your EAIE account to access this exclusive member area.

Where can I access the Community Platform?

The new EAIE Community Platform, home to the Communities of Practice, will be available to members from May. The Community Platform is a collaborative and safe space where EAIE members can share ideas, knowledge and resources providing support and inspiration to the global EAIE member network all year round.


Group membership  

What is group membership?

Group membership enables institutions or organisations to purchase packages of 10, 15, 20, or 35 EAIE memberships at reduced rates and allocate them to individuals within their institution.

Please note that institutional membership is not possible. A group membership pack comprises multiple individual memberships at a reduced price. 

Group membership is available for purchase until the end of March each year.

What does group membership cost?

Group membership packs for 2024 were priced as follows. Group membership is available to purchase until the end of March each year. 

Number of memberships Price
10 €1950
15 €2810
20 €3680
35 €498

Can a group membership package be customised to our needs?

No, it's only possible to purchase predefined membership packages of 10, 15, 20, and 35.

What happens after I submit our group membership request?

Group membership for 2024 is no longer available. It is available to purchase until the end of March each year.

After you have requested a group membership pack, you'll receive detailed instructions on completing payment for your membership package. We strive to process group membership invoices and activate assigned members within one week of receiving the request. Each individual will receive information regarding their new membership or instructions on setting up their account if they're new to the EAIE community. If you don't have the complete list of staff you wish to allocate membership to when making your request, you can assign any remaining memberships later after the invoice is paid.

What happens if we don’t pay our group membership invoice?

Non-payment of a group membership invoice will mean that all those that have been assigned an individual membership from your package will have their membership privileges revoked until payment has been made. 

Can group membership be canceled, refunded or transferred?

No, once a group membership has been requested and paid it is non-refundable. Once memberships have been assigned to an individual, the membership cannot be transferred for the year.  

What is an institution coordinator?

The institution coordinator is a representative from your organisation who is responsible for requesting a group package, managing billing, payments, and assigning memberships within their institution.

How can we change our institution coordinator?

To replace the current coordinator, the existing coordinator should contact the EAIE Office with the contact details of the new coordinator. If this is not possible (eg due to illness or dismissal), a senior staff member can assign a new coordinator by contacting the EAIE Office.

I am part of group membership but cannot access the member areas. What should I do?

Verify with your institution coordinator that they have assigned you a membership. If confirmed and you still cannot access EAIE member services, please contact the EAIE Office.

I'm already an EAIE member; can I join a group membership and get a partial refund?

Group membership can only be assigned to non-members. If an individual has already obtained and paid for EAIE membership in the current year, they cannot be assigned group membership until the following membership year.


Young professional membership

What is Young professional membership?

We are delighted to introduce young professional membership for those under 30 years old who are new to the EAIE community. This membership offers a reduced fee of €130 (50% saving on the normal fee) and is available for two consecutive years once you qualify. Young professionals will gain access to networking events and other activities tailored specifically to welcoming newcomers to the EAIE and the sector. This membership was available to purchase for a limited time, until 13 May.

Who qualifies for Young professional membership?

This reduced-rate membership is designed for professionals under the age of 30 who have not previously been EAIE members. If you are under 30 and have been an EAIE member before, you can still participate in our activities for young professionals, although you won't be eligible for the reduced fee membership. 

Why is this membership only available for a limited time?

We offer Young professional membership for a limited time to ensure that newcomers can fully experience the benefits of EAIE membership, including participation in activities like our Mentorship Programme which begins in the first half of the year. By joining early in the year, young professionals can enjoy a full year of benefits that EAIE membership has to offer. 

I am a young professional and part of a group membership, can I get a discounted membership?

While you may not qualify for the reduced fee membership, you're still more than welcome to join the events and activities tailored for young professionals. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to connect and grow within the EAIE community.