EAIE Toulouse 2024

Discover what the EAIE does to reduce the impact fo the event and how participants can contribute to our #EAIEgreengoals.

Making #EAIE2024 more sustainable

Our global community comes together annually for a week of knowledge exchange, learning, and meaningful connections. As a large-scale event, its impact is undeniable. We have been dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint and embracing sustainability as a core value.

With our sustainability efforts and #EAIEgreengoals campaign, we aim to: encourage mindful choices and behaviours year-round, inspire responsible consumption practices at the conference and leave a lasting positive impact on our community, the sector and the planet. Read more about the EAIE's social responsibility. 

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Sustainable partners

With our venue and exhibition partners we work on reducing food waste, water and energy consumption and encouraging the recycling of materials post-conference.

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Offset our carbon footprint

We work with Trees for All to offset the carbon footprint of our community. Their projects supports a wide range of initiatives such as reforestation and conservation. 

Mentorship programme

Locally-sourced vegetarian catering

We work together with the local catering partners and food suppliers to provide plant-based locally-sourced daily meals. We aim to eliminate single-use plastics and opt for reusable porcelain.

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Fair trade and sustainable items

We partner with Township, a South African cooperative, for producing our fair trade conference bags. We provide bio-degradable coffee cups, eco printing paper and recycled lanyards.  

Community platform

Stimulate community action

We encourage participants to make greener choices such as taking the train to the conference, use public transport and join our sustainable networking event, Netwalking.

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Sustainability a priority topic

Sessions offer a deep-dive into various sustainability angles regarding the sector and at the Sustainability Corner participants can meet with our green partners.

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Sustainable exhibition stands

With our exhibition partners EA Exhibitions, we offer sustainable stand design options using materials that have a lower impact on the environment. 

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Sustainability pledge

Exhibitors can sign a sustainability pledge committing to the EAIE's green goals and become catalysts for change to transform sector. 


Our commitment to the SDGs

We are proud signatories of the SDG Accord and have pledged to support SDG 4, 12 and 13. Watch this video to see what we do and how it connects to our pledge.


Striving for a sustainable EAIE ecosystem

We aim to pave the way for positive change in our sector. Discover who we support and advocate for in our sector and beyond.

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