EAIE Toulouse 2024

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about registration, the programme and the exhibiiton.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact the EAIE Office


General questions

Can I invite someone who is not an EAIE member to the Member Lounge? 

Only members can use the extra meeting space in the Member Lounge. Members who are meeting with someone who is not a member can make use of the Networking Area or other free spaces around the venue to meet. 

What are the EAIE Member Lounge opening times? 

The Member Lounge, exclusively accessible for EAIE members, will be open from 08:30–18:00 on Wednesday and Thursday, and 08:00–12:00 on Friday. 

My university is a member of the EAIE. Why do I not benefit from the member fee? 

Membership to the EAIE is granted on an individual or group membership basis and, therefore, does not apply to institutions. Only participants who are members of the EAIE themselves or part of a group membership will receive the member conference fee.  

When is the Speaker Preview Room open? 

Speakers can check and deliver their presentation to the Speaker Preview Room during the following times: 

Monday: closed  
Tuesday: 07:30–18:00  
Wednesday: 07:30–18:00  
Thursday: 08:00–18:00  
Friday: 08:00–12:00 

What is the Community Drop-in Area?

The Community Drop-in Area is a new interactive space located in the entrance hall, designed for you to meet fellow participants and Communities of Practice (CoP) members. This area includes a campfire space for CoP members to continue discussions from the Community Platform in person, as well as seating areas for smaller discussions.

In this area, you can:

  • Connect with fellow CoP members
  • Learn about using the Community Platform
  • Discover involvement opportunities in the EAIE, and enjoy some fun afternoon activities
  • Reserve the campfire area to take discussions offline from the Community Platform

The campfire area can be booked starting in mid-August via the Community Platform.

How can I travel to MEETT from the city centre? 

The EAIE advises using the public transport system as much as possible and asks for your support in limiting the use of taxis. There is a tram going from Toulouse city centre (tram stop Palais de Justice T1) directly to MEETT (final destination). The journey will take around 45 minutes. 

In addition to the existing public transport system, shuttle buses will be deployed to reinforce the capacity. The shuttle buses will leave from Gare Routière de Toulouse, which is a short walk from Toulouse Matabiau train station, and Marengo Metro station (line A, red). From Gare Routière de Toulouse the shuttle buses will go directly to MEETT conference centre without any stops. Depending on traffic, the journey will take between 25 and 45 minutes. 

Registration questions

Do I need to create an EAIE account in order to register? 

Yes, everyone who would like to register for an EAIE event needs to create an account on the website. This is also the spot where you can share your preferences and opt in for certain mailing lists to keep up-to-date on all EAIE events including the conference.  

Do I have to be a member in order to attend the conference? 

No. Anyone involved in international higher education can attend the Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition. However, EAIE members receive a significant discount on their conference fee and get access to an exclusive EAIE Member Lounge onsite at the conference. You can become a member during the conference registration process.  

Member perks in Toulouse include access to all-day refreshments, quiet meeting and working spaces and complimentary chair massages in the EAIE Member Lounge. Members can also network and meet each other at the EAIE Community Drop-in Area.  

Do I have to sign up for sessions? 

Sessions are open to everybody who has paid the event registration fee and access is on a first-come, first-served basis. You do not need to pre-register to attend any sessions. However, we would suggest arriving early to any sessions you are interested in as there is limited space. You do need to pre-book and pay in advance for workshops, Campus Experiences and networking events. 

What items can I modify in my registration? 

You can add or remove Campus Experiences, workshops, networking events and wellness activities. If you would like to add one of these activities to your registration, please click on My sessions to add extra activities. 

This year, we have four new Networking Journeys to choose from, two on Wednesday and two on Thursday. These events will bring together participants interested in core topics and provide them with the opportunity to network and connect.

What is included in the conference fee? 

Please take a look at the information on the Registration section of our website. 

Do I receive a confirmation of my registration? 

Yes. A confirmation email will be sent to you, which consists of an itemised list of all the activities for which you are registered as well as a barcode that facilitates the printing of your name badge. This is automatically sent to you when the EAIE Office has processed your registration. Please take this confirmation with you to the conference centre. 

I have registered but am unable to attend. Can I get a refund? 

Please see our cancellation deadlines

Can I transfer my registration? 

No, it is not possible to transfer your registration. If you can no longer attend the conference, you may be able to cancel your registration and claim a refund in line with our cancellation policy

How can I make my payment? 

Payment is required online upon registration. Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and some Maestro. Payment by bank transfer is not possible for EAIE events. 

Is there a discount if more colleagues from the same institution attend? 

No. The conference participation fee is priced per person, and no discounts will be given for group bookings. 

I am an exhibitor/speaker/session or workshop Chair. Do I have to register? 

Yes, all exhibiting staff, speakers and Chairs of sessions and workshops will not be admitted unless they have been registered online. For exhibitors, please get in touch with your stand contact person for registration instructions. Speakers receive a discount on their registration which is automatically taken into account when making your registration. 

When can I collect my badge? 

Your participant badge is needed for entry to the sessions and events in the city centre such as the Opening Reception, Networking Journeys, Netwalking and the Morning Exercise. 

Badge collection is available on Monday and Tuesday in the city centre for those who want to attend the Opening Reception and will not be at the conference centre during the day on Tuesday. 

Badge collection in the city centre of Toulouse 

Address: Hall M, Toulouse-Matabiau train station, first floor. 

Monday: 13:00–16:30 

Tuesday: 14:00–19:30 

Note: At this location, participants will only receive their badges and free public transport cards. The conference tote bags can be picked up at the MEETT conference centre. 

Badge collection and walk-in registration at the MEETT conference centre: 

Tuesday: 07:30–18:00 
Wednesday: 07:30–18:00 
Thursday: 08:00–18:30 
Friday: 08:00–15:00 

Exhibition questions

On-site & set up

Where can I find the Exhibitor Manual?

The Exhibitor Manual contains comprehensive information about the exhibition schedule, additional exhibitor services, booth set-up and break-down, graphic design orders, freight forwarding and much more. You can also find the latest version of it in Toddoo

Can we use an external stand builder to design and build our stand?

With a stand size of 24 m² or more, you are welcome to contract an external stand builder. Please  contact EA Exhibitions for further information as different rules and regulations may apply.   

When can we decorate our shell scheme stand for the exhibition? 

You will be able to set up your stand on Tuesday, 17 September 2024 between 14:00 and 17:30 (subject to confirmation).

What are the exhibition opening hours? 

Wednesday, 18 September 2024         08:30–18:00
Thursday, 19 September 2024 08:30–18:00
Friday 20 September 2024 08:30–13:00

Will there be internet in the exhibition hall?

There will be a general limited free wireless internet at the EAIE Exhibition. This network will only be suitable for simple actions, such as checking e-mails, but not for downloading big amounts of data, streaming or showing online presentations. 

There will be the opportunity to order an individual wired Internet connection, eg for downloading information or presentations through the Exhibitor Portal. No individual wireless internet networks are to be installed as these interfere with the overall network causing inconvenience to all other exhibitors and participants.  

Do I need to take out any additional insurance?

The EAIE has Public Liability insurance, providing coverage for exhibitors (Third-Party Liability). This is included in the space booking fee. This coverage is limited to Third-Party Liability only, meaning bodily injuries and/or property damage caused by a registered exhibitor to a third party.   

Exhibitors are solely responsible for their own goods and properties, both private and/or their employer(s). The EAIE is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or theft of your own belongings such as laptops, briefcases, purses etc. Personal items are not insured by any EAIE insurance. The EAIE highly recommends taking out fire and theft insurance, but it will not be checked and/or made compulsory. We advise taking out such insurance via your local insurance broker and/or checking coverage on your existing insurance(s).  

Conference & registration 

I am an exhibitor. Do I have to register for the conference? 

Yes, even though your exhibition stand has been booked, all exhibitor representatives still need to register their participation online. Registration is now open.  

How many exhibitor registrations are included in the stand?

The amount of free registrations included in the stand depends on the size, please see full list of entitlements per stand in EAIE Exhibition Terms and Conditions. The reduced exhibitor registrations are no longer included in the booking, and are compensated by increased number of fee waivers included in each space size. 

How can I register for the conference? 

All main stand contacts will receive the registration instructions and fee waiver codes by email. All participants, including exhibitors, can register via our website. Each registration is individual and needs to be completed from an individual EAIE account.

Can we obtain ‘exhibitor only’ passes?

No, we do not issue ‘exhibitor only’ passes. 

How do I get an exhibitor badge ? 

Attendees who register using the exhibitordiscount code will be designated as exhibitors on their badges and will have access to the exhibition halls on Tuesday, September 17, from 14:00 to 17:30 to set up their stands. Participants who register without this code will not have access to the exhibition halls outside of the official exhibition hours.

I am an exhibitor. Can I register for networking events? 

Yes, exhibitors are welcome to register for any of the networking events taking place during the conference. Regular fees apply for paid events.   

Can I invite guests to visit my exhibition stand? 

No, only paid conference participants can access the exhibition.   

Can I get a list of the participant’s contacts?  

You will be able to find and contact conference participants through the event's virtual platform. 

Can I register participants of my organisation?  

Each participant has to register individually. As an exhibitor, you can request a group invoice to pay for additional registrations. To request a group invoice, please contact us. After the invoice is paid, each participant will need to register individually from their EAIE account without charge.  

Can I register participants of my organisation?  

Space and stand bookings

How do I book a stand?

In order to exhibit at the EAIE Exhibition, you must first book a space with the EAIE. Once your space booking is confirmed, you can book a stand package with EA Exhibitions or opt for a Free Build design if your stand is larger than 24 m².   

What stand packages are there?

Exhibitors with 36 m² of space or smaller can book a Standard Shell Scheme or Premium Stand package. Please refer to the exhibitor kit for information on pricing and what is included in each package.  

Exhibitors with 24 m² of space or larger can opt for a Free Build stand, ie they can design and build a custom stand design. Please reach out to EA Exhibitions to request a quote for a sustainable custom design option or select one of the available modular stand design packages in the Exhibitor Portal’s shop. 

Can we book a space size which is not available on the floor plan? 

If you wish to book a different stand space size, please contact EAIE. Please be advised that this is subject to availability and location on the floorplan. The stand space size will be visible on the floor plan if you click on the stand.    

What is included in the space booking? 

Depending on the stand size, the cost of an exhibition stand space includes one or more free conference registrations and liability insurance.

Do you offer space only rates? 

All spaces that you book with EAIE are now space only. After your space is booked, you can book one of the stand packages with EA Exhibitions or opt for a Free Build stand if your stand size is 24 m² or larger. Please see the EAIE Terms and Conditions for details.

Can we choose our stand location? 

Yes, when booking a space you can see the location on the floor plan from the beginning and choose among available options. Please note that EAIE reserves the right to change the location of the stand.  

Can I reserve the space and book it later?

Please be aware that when you put a space in your cart, it is still available for other exhibitors to book. Subject to availability, EAIE can make a reservation on the space (put it in option) for exhibitors for a limited amount of time. Please contact the EAIE for more information.   

When do I receive the invoice?

The invoice will be sent to the company email which is registered in your account directly after you place an order. You can also find your invoice in the ‘Invoice’ section of the Exhibitor Portal (Toddoo) after you place an order.  

How can I pay the invoice for my stand?

The space booking will be invoiced by EAIE and the stand packages will be invoiced by EA Exhibitions. The payment can be made by wire transfer, the bank details will be indicated on the invoice. Please contact EA Exhibitions directly if you want to pay the stand package invoice by credit card. 

Where can I view my booking?

Your booking can be viewed in the Exhibitor Portal under 'My Booths'. 

How can I make changes to my booking?

If you want to make any changes to your booking please contact EAIE

Where can I purchase additional items for my stand?

Additional stand items can be purchased directly via the shop in the Exhibitor Portal.  

How can I edit my Exhibitor profile in the online exhibitor directory?

You can set up or edit your profile by accessing the virtual event platform. Please review this document for guidance on how to do this.

Accessing the Exhibitor Portal

What is the Toddoo Exhibitor Portal?

Toddoo is the event management server you can use to book your space and stand package and find all the information for participating as an exhibitor at EAIE 2024. In the Exhibitor Portal, you can view available options for booking your space, stand packages, find exhibitor manual and technical information and purchase extra items such as furniture, audio-visual equipment and other items for your stand.  

How do I log in to the Exhibitor Portal?

If you exhibited at the EAIE Rotterdam 2023, your organisation should have an account in Toddoo already. If you need to know the login details or who the main contact person from your organisation is, please contact us for assistance. 

If you do not have an account in Toddoo, please go to the Exhibitor portal and follow the steps to create your account. Please watch this short video tutorial.  

I have an account, but forgot my password.

Please use the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. If you already have an account but can’t log in to the Exhibitor Portal, please email Toddoo support. 

Where can I change my organisation’s information in the Exhibitor Portal?

You can change your organisation information in the exhibitor portal in your account information. Please click on the person icon on the top right corner of the portal and click on ‘Edit’. On the edit page you will be able to change your company information and (billing) address.   

My organisation in the EU does not have the VAT number, how can I book a stand?

If your organisation is based in the EU and does not have a VAT number, please reach out to us and we will assist with setting up your Toddoo account. If you are having issues with validating your VAT number, please reach out to the Toddoo support team. 

I’m experiencing an issue with (accessing) the Toddoo Exhibitor Portal, how can I get support?

When experiencing any trouble with the portal please contact Toddoo support team and describe the issue as specific including screenshots if possible, in the email. 

Where can I find the Sustainable Exhibitor Pledge?  

This year we introduced the Sustainable Exhibitor Pledge for exhibitors who want to commit to sustainable actions and choices at this year's conference. Exhibitors can find the pledge on the Toddoo platform

Virtual platform and online networking

What is the Community Platform?  

In the new Community Platform, you can pose your questions, share ideas or exchange travel tips with other conference participants in the dedicated Toulouse group to enhance your EAIE Toulouse experience. You can also connect with international peers in the other 20+ Communities of Practice dedicated to various relevant topics and roles within international higher education. The Community Platform, usually only accessible to EAIE members, is designed to foster networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing all year round. All conference participants this year can access the platform to create a rich and interactive conference experience ahead of meeting in Toulouse.  

What is the difference between the Community Platform and the virtual event platform?  

Within the EAIE Toulouse 2024 group of the Community Platform, you can start conversations, share tips and exchange ideas with all conference participants who have joined the group. The Community Platform serves as a forum for sharing updates and knowledge and hosts more than 20 other Communities of Practice in addition to the dedicated Toulouse group which you are welcome to also join. 

On the virtual event platform, you can view the most current and updated schedule to build your agenda for the conference week. You can access the full participant list here and send private messages to individual participants, schedule meetings in Toulouse and vote for the poster sessions. It is your go-to resource for navigating the agenda and activities in Toulouse. Every participant will have access once it opens in 23 July. 

When is the virtual platform opening? 

The virtual platform will open to all registered participants in July 2024. Participants will receive an email about the platform launch with their login details.  

How do I access the virtual platform? 

All registered participants will receive their login details and instructions via email during the week of 22 July. The platform will remain open until 11 October, enabling you to log in to access resources, as well as retrieve any chats, messages and contact information you collected during the event. 

Where can I find the list of participants? 

The list of participants will be available in the event’s virtual platform, from the week of 22 July. 

Are there networking opportunities? 

Yes. Access the Participant Directory to send messages and schedule meetings with other Conference participants. 

Will the session recordings be available after the event? 

No, there are no session recordings this year. 

What technical requirements do I need to attend the virtual programme? 

You will need: 

  • An internet connection: broadband wired or wireless.  
  • PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Please login from your phone or mobile device before arriving onsite in Toulouse, especially if you intend to use your phone onsite. 
  • The latest version of your preferred web browser: The conference will support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Internet Explorer 11 is not fully supported and you should use a different browser.