EAIE Toulouse 2024

See what the 2024 theme will be, what types of sessions to expect and download the schedule at a glance.

Conference theme: En Route!

The 2024 EAIE Conference theme ‘En Route!’ translates to ‘we are on our way’ and highlights the hard work that propels our community towards a brighter future. This work involves exploring the possibilities of digital technologies, implementing sustainable practices, developing innovative ways to support the interests of a wonderfully diverse community and so much more. Take a look at the schedule overview of the sessions and see how the days are organised.

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Understand the #EAIE2024 session types 

Every individual absorbs information uniquely – therefore, our conference sessions are as diverse as our participants’ preferences! We seek out current and thought-provoking topics and speakers who can engage their audiences. Browse the types of sessions you will find in the programme. 


Panel sessions

A quick and engaging forum for the exchange of ideas around a specific topic.

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World Café

Designed for an open discussion and accessing the collective intelligence in the room.

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Fishbowl session

Seated in concentric circles, the lines between speaker and audience are blurred to promote deeper exploration of topics.

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Ignite session

Fast-paced and timed sessions designed to generate awareness and stimulate discussion.

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Poster session

Fostering a dynamic interaction between presenter and participants, it showcases original ideas with compelling visuals.

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Set in a relaxed environment, enjoy inspiring stories from participants and exchange experiences in the campfire pod.

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#EAIE2024 at your fingertips

The virtual event platform is your go-to digital space for scheduling meetings and the most up-to-date session schedule. Every participant will have access once it opens in July. See below the top four things you can do on the platform. 

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