Governance roles

Governance roles and responsibilities


General Council

The General Council is the highest governing body and is elected by the members to ensure the Association operates in their best interests. It does this by providing oversight for the long-term vision, budget and accounts in support of the EAIE’s mission and values, ensuring its longevity and sustainability.

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The Board is appointed by the General Council. The Board plays a vital role in guiding the Association’s future by developing and implementing the strategy as approved by the General Council. The Board comprises five members, including a President and Vice-President.

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The people helping the EAIE ecosystem flourish

Earlier this year, current members of the EAIE community stepped forward for a range of governance and volunteer positions. The new leaders on the Board and General Council will help to guide the Association's strategy.

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4 benefits of becoming an EAIE leader


Help guide the Association's strategy and direction, contributing directly to its goals.


Create a lasting impact in the sector and champion international education.


Provide motivation for the community by making a significant contribution to the wider field.  

Extra perks

Attend annual meetings around Europe and enjoy reduced Conference fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the new General Council and Board be announced?

The results of the General Council election and Board appointments will be announced on the website via a blog in the week commencing 27 May. Newly elected and appointed members will officially start their term in September.

How is the General Council elected?

The General Council elections, where EAIE members can vote for their preffered candidate, will run from 29 April to 10 May. An Electoral Committee will supervise the elections, ensuring the proper collection, classification, counting, and validation of votes. Following the election, the Electoral Committee will compile a report detailing the results.

How are Board members appointed?

All applications will be shared with the Appointment Advisory Committee who will select candidates for interview. The Appointment Advisory Committee will recommend one candidate for each Board vacancy to the General Council. The General Council will appoint the Board members on the recommendation of the Appointment Advisory Committee.

The new members will be announced in the week 27–31 May.

When can I nominate myself for the General Council or apply for the Board?

The General Council nominations were open from 18 March to 05 April, with elections held from 29 April to 10 May for members to vote for their preferred candidates.

The Board applications were open from 18 March to 12 April.

The announcement of newly elected and appointed members will be made during the week of 27 May.

The next call for General Council nominations will occur in 2027. A call for new applicants for the Board will be made when a position becomes available.


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