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The EAIE Mentorship programme is a member-exclusive benefit that encourages supportive professional relationships between mentors and mentees. Individuals who are new to their positions are paired with experienced professionals who can offer valuable guidance and advice. Applications for the 2024 Mentorship programme are now closed. A new call will commence in early 2025.

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Expand and enhance your skills

Hone and acquire skills while working with your mentor or mentee to achieve goals.

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Grow and advance your career

Accelerate professional development through mutual learning.

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Make meaningful connections

Expand your network, gain perspectives and build lasting professional relationships.

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Boost your confidence

Gain confidence through regular feedback, encouragement and achievable goals. 

Are you a mentor or a mentee?

Whether you have years of experience under your belt or have just started in the field or in a new position, everyone can benefit from a collaborative professional relationship throughout their career. See which role fits your needs and experience, and apply to become a mentor or a mentee.


Do you have more than five years of experience in your area of expertise? Are you enthusiastic to share your knowledge and uplift your mentee in their career? As a mentor, you will engage in mutual learning and strengthen your leadership skills – helping them connect with other professionals through your network.


Are you new to the field or have recently changed positions and need guidance? Are you ready to take your professional development in your own hands and define concrete career goals? As a mentee, you have the opportunity to interact with an experienced professional from the field and ask for advice on specific projects or activities.

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