Volunteer roles

Committee types and responsibilities

Functional Committees

From curating extensive conference programmes to producing insightful publications, and creating in-depth trainings and workshops, these three Committees play a key role in developing the EAIE’s content.

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Thematic Committees

These nine Committees are organised around areas of expertise and key topics in the field. As content specialists they help inform and enhance all EAIE activities and products, working in close cooperation with the Functional Committees.

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Add your voice to the EAIE Ecosystem in a governance role

Help shape the EAIE's future by applying for the Board and play a pivotal role in developing and implementing our strategy. Provide inspiration to the international education community by addressing current issues on behalf of the EAIE. Applications close 12 April.

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4 benefits of becoming a volunteer

EAIE members can step up and become committee members either in a Functional Comittee to support the Board in crucial tasks or in a Thematic Committee helping to develop content and surface ideas.


Help shape the EAIE’s content

Actively contribute to the EAIE’s direction, activities and content throughout the year.


Share your knowledge

Contribute your insights to the EAIE’s content and share your expertise with your peers.


Develop and grow your potential

Expand your experience beyond your institution and gain valuable insights to help you in your work. 


Be an EAIE trailblazer

Take a leading role in our sector and champion the advantages of international education.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I apply for a position in a Committee?

All EAIE members can apply to join either a Functional or Thematic Committee. There are two separate processes to join the two Committee types. More information on how to become a part of a specific Committee can be found on their respective pages and on this FAQ page.

Do I need to be an EAIE member to join a Committee?

Yes, you must be an EAIE member to join or apply for a Committee. You must also be logged in with your EAIE account to access the application forms.


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