Academy Customised

A tailor-made course delivered by EAIE trainers on-site at the institutions or organisations who have requested a custom course.

Why choose this format?

Engage in valuable peer-to-peer learning and experience a safe and familiar learning space by collectively diving into current topics. These are the top benefits of an Academy Customised course:


High-quality tailored content



On-site delivery of course



Deep-dive into a specific topic


How does it work?

Interested institutions can take a look at our training portfolio and decide which course they would like delivered on-site. Once they know which direction or topic the course should cover, here are the next steps:

  • Request an Academy Customised course by sending an email with your preferred topic or course

  • The EAIE will review your request and schedule a call to discuss the needs of your institution

  • Based on the call, the EAIE will draft a course proposal including modules, trainers and budget

  • ​​If the institution accepts the proposal, the EAIE finalises the course content and logistics and sends the trainers to deliver the course on the institution's premises (this course can also be delivered online)


Topics we cover

Marketing & Admissions

We offer a collection of courses on digital marketing and recruitment strategy.

  • Make or break: turning prospective students into enrolled students
  • Maximising your student recruitment efforts through agents and networks
  • Succeeding in international student recruitment with content marketing

Learn about the latest tools for international credential evaluation and innovative strategies for admissions management.

  • Best practices in evaluating foreign credentials
  • Overcoming the challenges of foreign credential evaluation
  • The credential evaluator's toolkit: detecting fraud
  • The credential evaluator's toolkit: an adventure through MENA and Iran
  • The credential evaluator's toolkit: an expedition through Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
  • The credential evaluator's toolkit: a tour of sub-Saharan Africa

Teaching, learning & curriculum

Internationalise your institution's curricula and campus, gain language skills, intercultural competences and curriculum concepts.

  • Assessing internationalised learning outcomes
  • Implementing virtual exchange in the curriculum
  • Internationalisation at Home: creating change in your university
  • Launching virtual exchange at your institution
  • Teaching in English: from institutional strategy to language support

Leadership, strategy & policy

Develop your policy-making, leadership and strategic decision-making skills.

  • Change management in international higher education
  • Developing a strategic internationalisation plan: mastering the fundamentals

Are you an international relations manager? Choose from courses on international programme, project and office management.

  • Design thinking, agile management - tools for managing the international office
  • Getting the best out of your summer school and short-term programmes
  • How to manage an international office
  • International strategic enrolment management: a comprehensive approach


Learn how to develop new partnerships for your institution and make the most of existing ones.

  • Building successful strategic international partnerships
  • Developing and managing Joint Master Programmes: steps to success

Student & Alumni Services

Enhance your international advising and counselling skills in conjunction with your intercultural and language competences.

  • Advising international students: building intercultural competence
  • Alumni relations from A to Z
  • Creating a positive international student experience
  • Preparing your students for work placements abroad: skills to succeed
  • Providing effective responses to mental health challenges faced by the international students
  • Building a toolkit for addressing international student mental health