Recognising the extraordinary in our sector

We know that our community is full of inspiring success stories waiting to be told. The EAIE Awards spotlight exceptional institutions, leaders and contributors helping to shape the field of international higher education.



Award for Excellence in Internationalisation

Celebrating creativity and impactful initiatives, this award recognises higher education institutions that have implemented creative solutions to new and ongoing challenges, helping to reshape international education.


Award for Vision and Leadership

This award recognises inspiring individuals or organisations for their remarkable achievements in developing strategies that create new ways of thinking and opportunities in the field of international education.


Award for Outstanding Contribution

The EAIE is a community of dedicated and inspiring colleagues who deserve recognition. This award acknowledges individuals who have made a significant or notable contribution to the Association’s work in recent years.

How does it work?


Take a look at the questions per award and start preparing your nominations. EAIE members can nominate for all three awards.


Complete the nomination form online, inform your nominee of their nomination and submit your entry before the deadline.


The EAIE Awards Panel evaluates the nominations and recommends the winners to the EAIE Board for final confirmation.


The winners are announced on the EAIE Blog, social media channels and honoured at the next EAIE Conference and Exhibition.



The Awards Panel

The Awards Panel is dedicated to celebrating outstanding contributions in the field by carefully reviewing, evaluating, and selecting the winning nominees for the three EAIE Awards. The Panel consists of seven EAIE volunteers.


Frequently asked questions

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact the EAIE Office

Can anyone nominate for the EAIE awards?

Only EAIE members can nominate individuals or institutions for the awards. If your institution has achieved something remarkable or you want to nominate an inspirational leader, consider taking out membership. Once you're a member, there are no additional fees to submit a nomination.

EAIE members can nominate for all three awards if they choose.

Does my nominee need to be an EAIE member?

Nominees for the Vision and Leadership Award do not need to be an EAIE member. However, nominees for the Outstanding Contribution Award must be a current EAIE member. For the Excellence in Internationalisation Award, the nominator should be employed at the institution that they are nominating.

How should I prepare my nomination?

The nomination questions for each award can be found on the respective award page. Prepare your nomination by crafting detailed responses to each question, providing tangible examples and evidence to support your nomination. Ensure that you adhere to the maximum word count per question and submit your nomination before the deadline. Only EAIE members are eligible to submit nominations. If you have a strong nomination but are not a member, consider joining the EAIE or asking a colleague who is a member to submit the nomination on your behalf.

When can I submit my nominations?

Nominations for the 2024 EAIE Awards were open from 05-29 April. Winners will be announced in August, stay tuned!.

What happens after I submit a nomination?

After you've submitted a nomination, you'll receive a confirmation email. The EAIE Awards Panel reviews nominations and presents their selections to the EAIE Board for evaluation. Winners and the outcomes of all nominations will be announced in August.

When will I hear about the status of my nomination?

The Awards Panel and Board will review all nominations over the coming months. If you have submitted a nomination, you can expect to receive a notification regarding the outcome by late July. The official announcement of winners will take place in August.

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