Jarosław Tomaszewski

WSB University in Wroclaw, Poland
Jarosław Tomaszewski

I am Jarosław Tomaszewski and I have worked, from 2004, as Head of The Center for International Cooperation at WSB University in Wroclaw. Parallel I am lecturer of Global Economy, Change Management. 

Currently I conduct the research on effectiveness and quality of university internationalization, comparing the perspectives of selected European countries. 

I would like to join the General Council for the following reasons. 

First, my passions is working with people, sharing experience, searching for creative forms of organization and community development. 

Secondly, I would like to use my management experience. In tenure 2018-2020 I was General Council member. I think we did a good work preparing inter alia at the time strategy. I also shared my experience coordinating EAIE budget. 

Third, I would like to get involved in Council meetings, giving EAIE my perspective. I consider important actions such as: updating the strategy; offering prospects for countries with fewer opportunities, such as Ukraine; ensuring further financial EAIE stability. 

I am convinced that EAIE has a great growth potential in response to the needs of present times. Together with other Council members I would like to take up challenges of the future. 

I would appreciate your confidence in electing me as a General Council member.