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At the core of our community, we're a group of individuals connected by our dedication to advancing the internationalisation of higher education. We work with our community and for our community. Through collaboration, knowledge exchange and the celebration of each other's successes, we grow together and advocate together.

We are currently transferring our website data to its new online home. Until 04 March you will not be able to access My EAIE, member-only resources or register for an EAIE event.

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Connect, grow and shape your path within the global higher education community as an EAIE mentor or mentee. This member-exclusive opportunity is built around meaningful connections and mutual learning, creating mutually rewarding experience for both sides.

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Begin your EAIE story together with your colleagues by signing up for group membership. Group membership pack are available in 10. 15, 20 and 35 for a limited time.

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Collaborate with our Expert Communities

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to a particular field of international higher education, participating in one or more of our 15 Expert Communities is a way to share knowledge and experience with others.

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Be inspired by our community

In recognition of the exceptional individuals and institutions we have in our community, we like to celebrate their accomplishments. See the extraordinary lengths that they have gone to internationalise higher education.

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See change happen in our community

The EAIE is involved in research, policy and advocacy. View our current projects and learn how the EAIE is active in driving the field of international higher education.

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