2017 Summer Forum: The international student

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    July 2017
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    • Student experience
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Theme: The international student

Attending to the international students in our midst is the raison d’etre for many internationalisation activities. But how much do we know about the international student and his/her needs and expectations? This issue looks at the international student of today and highlights best practices for recruitment, retention and more. 

Table of contents

04 Editorial
05 Contributors

06 Squaring the circle – Daniela Crǎciun, Adriana Perez-Encinas 
Rethinking the international student lifecycle

09 Career prep for the international student – Judith Hoogmoed, Dorianne van Schaijk
Meeting international students’ employability expectations

12 Rules of engagement – Livia Castellanos, Haroon Chaudhry
Developing retention strategies that work

15 Are international students so different? – Elspeth Jones
Adopt a more comprehensive approach to student inclusion

18 De-stress, let go, relax! – Frank Haber
Help your international students cope with stress

22 In conversation with Safi Sabuni
The President of the ESN was an international student herself

26 Changing political environments in the UK – Aisling Tiernan
How Brexit and the Tier 4 visa are affecting international students

29 What Europe can learn from African students in the USA – Bryce Loo, Zhengrong Lu, Megha Roy
Compete with the USA in attracting top students from Sub-Saharan Africa

32 Nottingham Trent: Facilitation Cultural Connection – Cheryl Rounsaville
A place for international students to share their stories

35 Live & Learn in Ireland – Suzanne Buckley, Armida de la Garza
Irish institutes collaborate to improve the experience for international students

38 Andalusian Universities
The dynamic and cohesive university system in Southern Spain

45 Blog Spot
47 Events calendar

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