07 Jun 2024

Which #EAIE2024 participant are you?

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Attending the Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition is an exciting opportunity to learn, network, and innovate in the field of international education. To make the most out of your experience, it’s helpful to understand your conference personality. Are you a Learner, Networker, or Innovator? Take our friendly quiz to find out, and then check out the session and activity recommendations tailored to your preferences! 



Learner – deepen your understanding

You have a passion for learning and enjoy challenging yourself to explore subjects that are important to you. You thrive on attending educational sessions and workshops, eagerly absorbing new insights and perspectives. This continuous learning fuels your enthusiasm and enables you to apply fresh ideas and innovative approaches to your daily responsibilities at your institution, enhancing both your personal growth and the impact you have on your work environment.

Explore these sessions and activities just for you: Panel sessionsPoster sessionsEarly-bird YogaMindfulness sessions


Networker – broaden your connections

You are naturally sociable and excited to forge new friendships. Attending the #EAIE2024 is meaningful for you because it provides the perfect opportunity to engage with a diverse array of peers. You cherish the meaningful conversations and interactions you have at the conference, valuing the lasting connections you make. These relationships not only enrich your professional life but also enhances your overall experience. For you, the EAIE Conference  and Exhibition is more than just an event; it’s a vibrant community where you thrive.



Check out your recommended sessions and activities: Campus ExperiencesOpening ReceptionExhibitionNetworking events




Innovator – explore new ideas and best practices

You are a creative problem-solver. You relish the opportunity to engage with like-minded peers, enjoying the dynamic exchange of thoughts and perspectives. This collaborative environment energises you as you uncover innovative solutions and strategies. You take pride in bringing newfound insights back to your own colleagues, contributing to the advancement of your institution. Your passion for continuous improvement and your ability to inspire others make you an asset to your professional community.

Browse the sessions that suit your needs: Campfire sessionsPlenariesIgnite© sessions


No matter what kind of participant you may be, with 250+ sessions and networking events over the course of four days, #EAIE2024 has something to offer everyone. You may even find that by the end of your EAIE experience, you may identify with an entirely different archetype than you originally thought.  

So go ahead, dive into the sessions that excite you the most and make the most of your time at the EAIE Conference and Exhibition! 

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