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Building a toolkit for addressing international student mental health

Join us in person on 18 and 19 November for a course that will enhance your professional skill set for tackling students' mental health issues and developing a robust, adaptable support network within your educational organisation.

About this course

Led by experienced trainers Stephanie Griffiths and Frank Haber, the EAIE Academy course “Building a toolkit for addressing international student mental health” will enhance your professional skill set for tackling students' mental health issues and developing a robust, adaptable support network within your educational organisation. This two-day course on 18–19 November and comprises eight modules with social breaks for networking and network with a drink at The Social Hub Amsterdam City where the course will take place.

International students bring many strengths with them on their international academic journey. At the same time, internationally mobile students are also generally at heightened risk of experiencing mental health problems due to multiple coinciding risk factors such as undiagnosed mental disorders, crisis originating at home, high family expectations, exposure to an unfamiliar classroom culture and, perceived discrimination. Educators and administrators often struggle to find satisfying answers to important questions when attempting to support these students. How can they identify and respond to affected students in a culturally sensitive and institutionally appropriate way? When should they involve others and where can they turn to if a crisis escalates? When and how should they confront a distressed student to prevent self and/or other harm? 

What you’ll learn

This course will enable you to identify and safely respond to mental health concerns and crisis situations that may emerge during advising and teaching situations in person as well as remotely. You’ll learn to tackle the challenge of being a first responder; the policies, practices and ethics of working with vulnerable students across cultures; and how to collaborate with healthcare providers and other stakeholders on and beyond campus. By the end, you’ll have more clarity about your role and its boundaries and your professional toolkit for addressing students’ mental health concerns and building a strong and flexible support system at your institution.

     This course will help you:  

  • Learn how to recognise signs of distress in international students and how to safely and proactively respond to them 
  • Gain practical tools such as mental health dos and don’ts, checklists and a variety of individual and community-based outreach methods 
  • Develop culturally-sensitive one-on-one counselling and crisis management competences on an applied level 
  • Establish a network for further exchange and collaboration 
  • Become a more capable and confident first responder  


Who is it for?

This course provides excellent training for academic staff as well as staff and heads of department who have regular contact with international students or work within student service departments such as student housing, academic advising, international offices, student affairs, career counselling, etc.  


Meet the EAIE trainers

Stephanie Griffiths

Stephanie Griffiths

Intercultural Consultant/Trainer, Stephanie Griffiths Intercultural Consultancy

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Frank Haber

Frank Haber

Psychological Counsellor and Intercultural Education Officer, Jacobs University Bremen

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18 Nov: 09:00–18:00 CET

19 May: 09:00–17:00 CET


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