General Council

The call for nominations for the General Council is now closed. The General Council Elections, when members can vote for their preferred candidate, will run from 29 April – 10 May.

Consisting of 15 directly elected members, and chaired by the President of the Board, the General Council represents the EAIE membership and ensures that the Association operates according to the best interests of its members. The General Council appoints the members of the Board and holds the Board accountable. General Council members focus on the big picture and provide oversight for the long-term vision, budget and accounts of the Association. The main role of the General Council is to support the organisation’s vision, mission and values.  


How it works

The General Council is elected through member elections that take place every three years. EAIE members were able to nominate to join the General Council until 05 April. Members can vote for their preferred candidate from 29 April – 10 May.


EAIE members can nominate themselves during the call for nominations.


Nominees need to submit a short election statement and have the support of two EAIE members.


EAIE members vote for their preferred candiate during the EAIE Elections.


The elected leaders commence their three year term at the next EAIE Conference following elections.

General Council member profile 

General Council role and responsibilities

Together with the General Council members, you will be responsible for: 

  • Approving the budget and making certain that it adequately reflects the Association’s programme, priorities and strategic plan 

  • Appointing, suspending and dismissing Board members 

  • Determining the level of the membership fee 

  • Approving the annual financial report, consisting of the balance sheet, statement of income, expenditure and auditor’s opinion 

  • Ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the Association 

  • Staying ahead of the curve and continually seeking to be at the forefront of developments in the field. 

It is a substantial commitment that does require a considerable investment of time. General Council members are expected to attend, prepare for and actively participate in all scheduled General Council meetings (at least two per year, often three to four). Download the full position profile as a PDF here.

Travel (economy class) and accommodation costs for attending General Council meetings and any other necessary preparatory meetings are covered by the EAIE budget.

Benefits of having a role on the General Council

Strategic influence: Help guide the Association’s strategy and direction, contributing directly to its goals and mission  

Impact: Create a lasting impact in the sector and champion international education, making a significant contribution to the wider field  

Develop leadership skills: Cultivate and demonstrate effective leadership skills, enhancing your own capabilities and learning from other seasoned professionals in the group, while contributing to the growth of the Association  

Extra perks: Reduced conference registration fees and annual meetings around Europe 

Required skills and attributes

Sound judgment and integrity: General Council members are involved in decisions that affect the EAIE’s strategy and finances directly, therefore an understanding of the bigger picture and ability to subordinate special interests for the greater good of the Association are central to the role. 

Understanding of teamwork: General Council members will work closely together towards realising the EAIE’s goals and objectives. Well-developed interpersonal and intercultural communication skills will help members to collaborate in an effective way.  

Proven performance in international higher education: Experience working in a leadership role as well as knowledge of the international higher education field and the Association are key attributes of a General Council member.    

Commitment:  A demonstrated commitment to the EAIE and its values, mission and goals is essential to the role, in addition to dedicating the time to serve. Each member of the General Council will be expected to keep abreast of any developments and aspects that be relevant to the Association and also be competent and equipped for their duties and remain so. 

Length of term

General Council members are elected for a period of three years and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms of three years. After expiry of their second term, a General Council member will not be eligible for re-election to the General Council, until after expiry of a three-year period.  


General Council members will be elected by the members, by means of a vote. The elections will be supervised by an Electoral Committee. The Electoral Committee will oversee the collection, classification, counting and verification of the validity of the votes and produce a report of the results. All candidates will be notified of the result and the results announced on the website via a blog.  

Once elected, General Council members will follow an introductory onboarding programme covering the relevant aspects of the position.

Election criteria

The following criteria applies to all nominations for the General Council: 

  • Nominees must be members of the Association. 

  • Nominees may only apply for one open role with the EAIE.  

  • Members may only nominate themselves.  

  • Nominees must not hold any other role within the EAIE once their term commences.  

  • The nomination must be supported by two other members in writing. 

  • Nominees must sign the EAIE Commitment statement. 

  • Nominees must submit an election statement to be published during the elections. This statement should include:  

    • Information on their background experience 

    • Details about their suitability for the role  

    • Outline of their vision for the EAIE  

Do you have questions?

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