Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't found the answer to your question, please contact the EAIE Office.

Accessing the Community Summit

How do I connect to the sessions?

If you have registered for the EAIE Community Summit, you will receive an email on Wednesday 09 March with your login details to join the event. You can then access the event platform and test your connection.

What technical requirements do I need to attend?

You will need: 

  • An internet connection: broadband wired or wireless.  
  • PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone: we recommend you use a PC or Mac. If you participate using a tablet or smartphone, some of the break-out and networking features may have limited functionality, although watching sessions will work just fine.    
  • Webcam and microphone: we recommend using a headset with a built-in microphone. 
  • The latest version of your preferred web browser: to make use of all the features in the online event platform, use we recommend you use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. Please ensure you are using the most current version of your browser. This will ensure that all features on the platform work for you.   

Can I join the sessions on a mobile device?

We recommend you use a PC or Mac. If you participate using a tablet or smartphone, some of the break-out and networking features may have limited functionality.

Programme and networking

How will this event be structured?

The interactive online sessions will take place on the Community Summit platform. Over the course of two days, participants will be able to join live discussions during sessions, gain practical insights from experts and engage in conversations with speakers and participants. See the programme for more information.  

Will there be a networking opportunity?

Yes. You will be able to interact with other participants during the sessions and in the coffee corners between the sessions. There will also be an afternoon social event at the end of Day 1 and a networking lunch on Day 2.  

Where can I find the list of participants?

The list of participants will only be available in the Community Summit platform. You will be able to search for other participants and message them to continue the conversation.

Can I schedule video meetings with other participants on the platform?

No. You will be able to message other participants and connect with them in coffee corners, but you will not be able to schedule meetings on the platform. 

Can I watch the sessions I missed later?

No, the sessions will not be made available on the platform on demand. The Community Summit will be broadcast live allowing for interactive discussions with the speakers and in-the-moment connections between participants. The sessions are designed to spark conversations and kindle collaboration, therefore, to get the most out of the event participants should actively take part in the sessions.


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes. Pre-registration is required to attend this event. The event is free for EAIE members, non-members can register by paying a fee of €119. 

Until when can I register?

Last minute registration for the EAIE Community Summit is still possible, however access to the platform may be delayed. You will receive your personal login details to the event platform once your registration has been processed by EAIE staff.

Are places limited for this event?

There are limited places for this event, available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to attend the event, please register as soon as possible.

Do I have to attend all four sessions?

No. You can attend as many or as few sessions as you want. For non-members, the same registration fee applies whether you attend one or all sessions. Please note that all sessions are live and will not be made available on-demand.

Is there a discount for not attending all sessions?

No. The pricing for this event is fixed whether you attend a single session or all sessions.

Do I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes, once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email and  payment receipt. If you don’t receive this email within 12 hours or would like to make any changes, please contact the EAIE Office. You will receive instructions on how to log in to the virtual event platform on Wednesday 09 March.

Can I still register if the registration deadline has already passed?

Please ensure that you have registered before registration closes on Tuesday 08 March 17:00 CET to be able to access the platform before the start of the Community Summit. Registering after the deadline may result in delayed access to the platform.

Can I cancel or transfer my registration?

We encourage you to confirm your availability before making your registration, as cancellations and transfers are not possible. 

Is there a discount if more colleagues from the same institution attend?

No. The event fee is priced per person and unfortunately no discounts will be given for group bookings. EAIE members can attend the event for free but must still register individually. If you’d like to become an EAIE member and attend for free, it is possible to take out membership while registering for the event. You will gain access to member discounts and benefits throughout the year.

Group membership packs are also available for 2022 if several colleagues from your organisation are interested in attending the Community Summit. You can learn more about group membership here.

How can I pay the registration fee?

This event is free for EAIE members. If you are not an EAIE member and are paying for the event, payment is possible online by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, AMEX) and some Maestro cards. You can also become a member by purchasing EAIE membership during the registration for only €121 extra.


Do I have to be a member in order to attend the EAIE Community Summit?

No. EAIE events are open to everyone. However, EAIE members can register for this event free of charge. EAIE members must still make advanced registration in order to attend this event.

How can I apply for EAIE membership?

You can sign up for EAIE membership while registering for the EAIE Community Summit and immediately benefit from free registration to this event. The difference in registration fee will not be refunded if you sign up for membership after registering for the event. If you have several colleagues who would like to join the Community Summit and benefit from an EAIE membership, it is still possible to take out a group membership package until 31 March.

EAIE account login and password

I don’t know if I have a login name and password? 

Please visit this page and click on ‘Forgot my password’. The system will verify if you are already in our database or if you need to create a new account. 

I can’t remember my EAIE login name or password. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your EAIE account login name or password here. Follow the instructions and the information will be sent to you by email. If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact the EAIE Office and one of our staff members will assist you. For the Community Summit platform, you will receive separate login details via email a few days before the event. 

Can the login and password info be used by more than one user?

No, EAIE accounts and membership are on an individual basis and therefore all records in our database are individual records and linked to the information of one person.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact the EAIE Office.