Tom Wilmot

Studee, United Kingdom
Tom Wilmot

This is a job-share with Monique Swennenhuis.

My name is Tom Wilmot and I am Vice-President for Strategic Partnerships at Studee. I work with universities to get to grips with the unique challenges in their international student journey and to find ways to overcome them.  

Having spent the last two years as a job-share in the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community with the amazing Olga Krylova during her final term, I am now seeking re-election with the equally impressive Monique Swennenhuis. I believe I bring an energy and enthusiasm to the steering group, along with a ‘can do’ attitude and plenty of new ideas to help move our group forward.  

I have loved working hard to overcome the challenges that the last two years have posed, particularly with networking events, and hope to be able to build on that if re-elected. I have also taken a lead on identifying sponsors for Marketing and Recruitment events in Barcelona. It would be an honour to be able to serve on the Marketing and Recruitment steering group again alongside Monique. 

The candidates received 65 votes.