Simone Ravaioli

Parchment, Italy
Simone Ravaioli

I am Simone Ravaioli and I would like to bring two key themes into focus for the Admission and Recognition Expert Community in the next four years: micro-credentials and artificial intelligence.

Micro-credentials represent a sort of renaissance of learning, pushing the boundaries of formal recognition as we know it. it is imperative to contribute to providing research and guidance to shape policies and practice.

Artificial intelligence is an opportunity that turns into a threat for recognition professionals such as credential evaluators, effectively becoming a disruptor to the traditional practice. As the technology matures, admissions officers will increasingly rely on it for equivalencies assessment.

Both micro-credentials and artificial intelligence are tightly connected to the adoption of digital credentials, which has been going mainstream, accelerated by COVID-19.

How to shift focus, do more research and provide upskilling through the Admission and Recognition Expert Community should be central to our activities in the next few years.