Riitta Kataja

University of Oulu, Finland
Riitta Kataja

My name is Riitta Kataja and I work as an Education Designer at the University of Oulu, Finland. My duties include internationalisation and student mobility, and I advise both incoming and outgoing exchange students. In my work, I am required to cover local legal, societal and cultural contexts regarding LGBTQI+ issues and have realised how few tools professionals in my position have for this kind of work. 

My longstanding experience in diversity, equality and LGBTQI+ issues stem both from my personal life and from my professional duties. I developed an Equality Plan for the University of Oulu, awarded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and I have taught LGBTQI+ issues to future preschool and primary school teachers in the Faculty of Education. 

I have attended EAIE conferences throughout my career and am a member of the Rainbow Task Force. This has given me a passion to continue sharing my expertise on inclusion and diversity issues and looking for ways to increase knowledge of these issues within the EAIE. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to run for the Steering group member position in the new Inclusion and Diversity Expert Community. 

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