Riitta Kataja

University of Oulu, Finland
Riitta Kataja

My name is Riitta Kataja and I work as an Education Designer at the University of Oulu, Finland. My duties include internationalisation and student mobility, and I advise both incoming and outgoing exchange students. 

My long-standing experience with diversity, equality and LGBTQI+ issues stems both from my personal life and from my professional duties. It has included the development of an equality plan for the University of Oulu that was recognised by the Finnish Ministry of Education. I have also taught LGBTQ+ issues to future preschool and primary school teachers in the education faculty. 

Promoting equity, inclusion and diversity has become an overarching prerequisite in internationalisation, but we still lack tools for professionals who work in this field in higher education.

Within the EAIE, I have been a member of the Rainbow Task Force and have now been in the Inclusion and Diversity Expert Community since 2020. This group has given me a passion to continue to share my expertise on diversity and inclusion issues and look for ways to increase knowledge of them within the EAIE. I greatly appreciate this second opportunity to run for membership of the Inclusion and Diversity Expert Community for 2022 to 2024.

The candidate received 182 votes.