René Teunissen

Avans University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
René Teunissen

Having been a Steering group member of the Health and Welfare Education Expert Community and Chair for the last two years, I now ask for your support to be elected as Chair for my final term. Together with my fellow board members, and listening to the needs of our affiliates, we have developed a clear idea and direction for our Expert Community. In our action plan, we focus on linking to other European Union networks, identifying internationalisation needs in our specific fields, attracting specialist speakers, stimulating student participation and ensuring inter-professional collaboration. 

Next to lecturing, I work as Departmental Coordinator for International Affairs and International Relations Manager in the School of Health at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. In my work, I am fuelling a comprehensive international, intercultural and inclusive context. I am a strong international networker, bringing together people to share, connect and gain awareness in a globalising world that faces challenges in healthcare and well-being. Furthermore, I work as a project leader in EU-funded projects and am currently leading a strategic partnership in the field of technology for care and well-being. 

As Chair, I will help create beautiful internationalisation experiences through the EAIE. 

The candidate received 356 votes.