Michela Cobelli

University of Pavia, Italy
Michela Cobelli

My name is Michela Cobelli. Collaboration within and between cultures is a crucial part of my daily life and this is reflected in the initiatives of my institution. In the last 10 years, the University of Pavia has dramatically improved its positioning in international networks and participated in more than 40 Erasmus+ structural projects.

Other common values are shared by the EAIE and Pavia: inspiration and inclusiveness, reflected in a multitude of international initiatives; sustainability; entrepreneurship; inclusiveness; digitalisation; and collaboration.

An example of our inclusive attitude is the creation of a course on the Sustainable Development Goals, involving international partners and providing students with the chance to tackle issues around lifestyle, nutrition, sustainable cities and sustainable growth.

Pavia is pursuing excellence at various levels: excellence in didactics by creating educational paths answering the needs of the labour market; excellence in research, with many of our researchers involved in international initiatives such as the Human Brain Project and performing well in international rankings; and excellence in management, proved by the constantly increasing requests for participation in new partnerships within the EU and intercontinentally.

Sustainable innovation for a global cooperation approach is definitely my mantra.

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