Matilda Lindgren

Södertörn University, Sweden
Matilda Lindgren

This is a job-share with Zeynep Ezgi Erdem. 

My name is Matilda Lindgren and I would like to work towards a more inclusive and diverse profile in the EAIE community as well as in European mobility advising. As an Internationalisation Strategist at Södertörn University in Stockholm, I facilitate and coordinate international collaborations as well as Erasmus+ funding for student and staff mobility. In total, I have six years’ experience of working with advising related to international mobility programmes in Sweden. I have also worked and studied abroad, in both the Netherlands and Kenya. Additionally, I played a leading role in coordinating a group for strategic internationalisation and mobility management among higher education institutions in Sweden. In civil society, I have held a range of commissions of trust related to gender equality, broadening participation and inclusiveness. These are topics that I am passionate about and would foresee as my priorities if elected to the Steering group of the EAIE Expert Community Mobility Advising

I run for office together with eminent colleague Zeynep Ezgi Erdem, whom I know from the EAIE mentorship programme. Together we hope to bring forward a joint East-West and North-South European perspective in our work. 

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