Mark Cunnington

Study Group, United Kingdom
Mark Cunnington

I am Mark Cunnington, Executive Director for Study Group. I run our UK and EU business, operating international colleges for over 20 universities. We recruit and teach more than 7000 international students annually, helping them progress to university degrees. Before Study Group, I ran Pearson’s South African higher education business. I was CEO of the Pearson Institute of Higher Education, where we taught Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to over 10,000 students.  

I have been a member of the EAIE’s General Council for the last two years, using my background to contribute widely to supporting the EAIE and its agenda. 

My doctorate is in international higher education, where my research examined international student expectations of university life relative to their recruitment experiences. I am particularly interested in how institutions align their recruitment practices to international student expectations, ensuring best practice in the student experience. 

As a leader with more than 20 years’ international experience, I am attuned to aligning organisational vision, mission and values, and developing and delivering a strategy to achieve agreed goals. I believe I can continue to bring valuable expertise, experience and insight to the EAIE. 

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