Mark Cunnington

Study Group, United Kingdom
Mark Cunnington

I am Mark Cunnington, Director of International Study Centres (ISCs) at Study Group. I oversee the running of 18 ISCs operated with UK, Ireland and the Netherlands university partners. Annually, we recruit 6000 international students to our ISCs, progressing them into university undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Prior to Study Group, I worked for Pearson, running the South African Higher Education Business. As CEO of the Pearson Institute of Higher Education, we had 10,000 students studying Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at 12 campuses.

Through the University of Liverpool, my doctoral research into international students is in its final stages, where I have examined international student expectations of UK/Europe university life relative to their recruitment experiences.

With this professional and academic background, I could contribute widely to supporting the EAIE and its agenda. Specifically, how institutions continue to align their recruitment practices to international student expectations, ensuring best practice in student experience. As a leader with over 20 years’ international experience, I am attuned to aligning organisational vision, mission and values; developing and delivering strategy to achieve agreed goals. In this manner, I believe I can bring a combination of valuable expertise, experience and insight to the EAIE.

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