Maelle Flot

Université de Rennes 1, France
Maelle Flot

As Director for International Affairs of a research-intensive university since 2013, I’ve been driven by the achievement of international projects. My main focus has been to test the best way to manage and implement our international strategy.

I believe we can go further with the support and ideas of our community. In 2021, I was elected Vice-President of RISUP, a French association for higher education international affairs directors. The commission on internationalisation that I coordinate enables the exchange of good practices, ideas and dreams that could become innovative experiments. I also helped bring to life one of the first European University Alliances, EDUC.

I have tested my ability to be a good listener as a manager but also as a mentor, three times, within the EAIE mentorship programme – and I loved it. Being a journalist for 13 years, including as Chief Editor of, a website for higher education professionals, I developed interpersonal and intercultural communication skills. I graduated from Paris Sorbonne and Trinity College Dublin and have worked with organisations including the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and the European Commission. I will bring my best efforts to you and the Strategy and Management Expert Community!

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