Katarina Aškerc Zadravec

Ljubljana School of Business, Slovenia
Katarina Aškerc Zadravec

I am Katarina Aškerc Zadravec, Vice-Dean for Quality at Ljubljana School of Business, Slovenia, where I have alsobeen Head of International Affairs and a lecturer and researcher with a focus on internationalisation of higher education. I am especially enthusiastic about internationalisation of the curriculum and internationalisation at home, wherein I see the vertical and horizontal alignment of the internationalised curriculum as a leading concept for implementation, closely related to concepts like digitalisation, inclusion, sustainability and green practices. 

Since 2020, I have been an elected member of the EAIE Internationalisation at Home Expert Community. I have performed several presentations and training courses for academics and international staff on internationalisation of the curriculum in Slovenia. Currently, I am preparing a set of workshops on internationalisation at home for Slovenian academics in collaboration with the Slovenian Erasmus+ agency, covering a national top-down approach to implementation.

My strengths lie in my enthusiastic work, which is focused on concrete aims and their implementation, leading toconcrete results and visible impact. I am a good team worker and strategic thinker, and with my experiences in higher education I am confident that I can positively contribute to the Internationalisation at Home Expert Community.

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