Jaroslaw Tomaszewski

WSB University, Poland
Jaroslaw Tomaszewski

I work as Head of the Center for International Cooperation at the WSB University in Wroclaw, Poland. I have several ideas to contribute in steering the development of the EAIE.

First, strengthening the trend of ‘going global’, building the EAIE taking into account forecasted changes on the education market.

Second, building organisational capacity through diversified European partnerships and strengthening the implementation of education needs of countries, including those less economically developed.

Third, investigating participants' needs and creating an EAIE profile in this respect. Additionally, increase the use of feedback from participants developed during the conference.

Finally, reinforcing in the organisation's activities the guidelines of the European Union in the field of smart and sustainable development  – Europe 2020.

I studied economics, law, and global development. I also completed the programme at the School of Leaders of Civil Society at the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. I teach global economy, change management, European projects and budgeting activities. I have been a member of International Association Businet for nine years. I am an expert in the Center on Legal and Economic Problems of Contemporary Migration. I conduct research about diversified pace of education development in countries with different levels of economic development.

I will be proud if my knowledge and motivation could contribute to the EAIE.

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