Gerrit Bruno Blöss , Germany
Gerrit Bruno Blöss

This is a job-share with Akos Kiraly.

My name is Gerrit Bruno Blöss and I would be honoured to join the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community Steering group. 

I am the founder and Chief Executive of, which in recent years has grown into the most-visited study choice platform focusing on European universities, helping millions of students globally to find the education they are looking for. 

Working both for students and for institutions means that we see first-hand what students want; what universities do to reach them; and how they can improve their success in reaching the right prospects. Our position and our unique European focus give us valuable insight – which I want to bring to the Marketing and Recruitment Steering group and share with our professional community. 

Marketing is often confused with just advertising and promotion, but it goes beyond that: marketing also means understanding your students, helping your institution develop strategically and setting it up for long-term success. 

In that sense, my mission as a member of the Steering group will be to enable you and your peers to reach your full potential in your marketing activities. 

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