Gerrit Bruno Blöss , Germany
Gerrit Bruno Blöss

This is a job-share with Akos Kiraly.

If you’re reading this, we’re off to a good start, because you are probably as passionate about international education in general and the EAIE in particular as my running mate Akos Kiraly and I!

I joined the sector in 2016 when I founded, now the most-visited information platform to study in Greater Europe. I’ve been an active EAIE member since then, and the countless valuable connections I made helped me build a company that can make an impact. Today, we work with nearly 100 universities all over Europe to reach the right students.

So why vote for us?

1. Together, we have a 360° view of the recruitment funnel. Through, I’m an expert in the early stages of student decision-making; and Akos is the expert for the later stages.

2. We both have a track record of attracting new members to the EAIE. For example, I’m bringing four first-time speakers to Barcelona 2022 through two accepted sessions.

International education is a driving force for positive change in this world. We are proud to be part of this community and hope for your vote to support us in running for the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community.

Thank you!

The candidates received 51 votes.