Emeric Abrignani

KEDGE Business School, France
Emeric Abrignani

Dear EAIE community, 

I seek your support to continue my contribution to the Admission and Recognition Expert Community steering group, which I have had the honour and pleasure to serve as an associate since September 2019.

I have been actively involved in the internationalisation process of higher education through different positions and missions in countries such as the United States, Turkey, the Netherlands and France, where I currently operate as Head of International Development at the KEDGE Business School.

My past work and personal experiences have enabled me to grow my passion and expertise in the admission and recognition fields, as well as to volunteer for the EAIE, carrying out tasks such as the evaluation of EAIE conference session proposals and the preparation of action plans and events.

I would be glad to continue putting my international network of admission specialists and credential evaluators, andmy knowledge of higher education trends, at the service of the association. I have plans for the development of the Expert Community and would therefore appreciate your support to continue my involvement with the Admission and Recognition steering group and my general contribution to international education.

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