Elena Vinci Hytter

Linnaeus University, Sweden
Elena Vinci Hytter

This is a job-share with Sabine Sainte-Rose.

My name is Elena Vinci and I am the Director of International Affairs of the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University in Sweden. I have been involved in the field of international relations since 1992, when I was employed at the international relations office of the newly started University of Roma Tre in Italy. Since then I have been actively engaged in international relations in higher education in both Italy and Sweden, where I moved in 2000 before taking on a management position at my institution a few years later. I have been an active affiliate of the EAIE since 2012, first as a member and later as Chair of the European Programme Management Expert Community. I am standing for elections as a member of the Strategy and Management Steering group, in a job-share with Sabine Saint Rose.  

Besides the many tasks that this role involves – such as disseminating knowledge and good practice through conference sessions, publications in Forum magazine and on the EAIE blog, workshops during the EAIE Academy, and webinars and contributions on social media – I intend to look for closer cooperation with other EAIE Expert Communities with the aim of creating a complete and invaluable tool for EAIE members in their work. 

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