Beer Schröder

Internationalisation Consultancy in Education ICE , the Netherlands
Beer Schröder

My name is Beer REVM Schröder. I worked for over 35 years at Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, in a variety of management and expert positions, and I now work as a consultant to enhance internationalisation and international cooperation in education. 

I have a long-standing relationship with the EAIE, as Expert Community Chair, organiser and speaker in sessions and workshops, and Chair of the Rainbow Task Force. For my work, I was honoured with the EAIE prize for excellence in 2019. In the same year, I was honoured with a high royal order for my internationalisation work in the Netherlands and beyond. 

For the past two years, I have been an active member of the EAIE General Council and I have dedicated myself to promoting the role and position of the Expert Community chairs and to reinforcing inclusivity and diversity in the association. Furthermore, I have put collaboration with associations and institutions in other continents, in particular Africa, on the agenda. 

My activities have been largely successful but need to be monitored and adjusted in the coming years, hence my call for your support in the General Council elections to enable me to continue the necessary work.

The candidate received 17 votes (winner decided by the drawing of lots).