Anna Stina Sinisalo

University of Helsinki, Finland
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Anna Stina Sinisalo

My name is Anna Stina Sinisalo and I work as a Specialist of International Education Projects at the University of Helsinki. I have been working with diverse tasks in international relations within higher education for close to 15 years. My expertise covers different forms of collaborative projects, such as EU-funded education projects, joint degree programmes, development cooperation projects and European and international credit mobility. 

For me, the essence of international collaboration is about joining forces, gathering different perspectives and jointly developing something new out of it. I consider international collaboration to be essential in continuous development and a key to opening new doors. Being part of that and facilitating international collaboration that leads to something new and exciting is truly a passion for me. 

Now that my position as an associate (2020–2022) of the EAIE European Collaborative Programmes Expert Community steering group is coming to its end, I’m hoping to become a full member so that I can continue to bring my expertise and enthusiasm for the benefit of the EAIE community.

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