Anna Pellegrino

LUISS University, Italy
Anna Pellegrino

This is a job share with Chris Crabot

I have 17 years of experience in the field of international education management, especially focused on the implementation of a university’s internationalisation process, both abroad and at home, as well as through the management and development of a talented team of higher education professionals.

Key areas of my activity are strategic planning, partnership management, mobility and services to international students and faculty.

Business educators have some valuable occasions to meet and network throughout the year, but the Business Education Expert Community can be the hub to promote and facilitate effective networking; broaden discourse and dialogue on the internationalisation of business education; promote inclusive ongoing support, beyond rankings and accreditations; embed sustainability within business education activities; and forge links between business education and other areas.

I have been collaborating with the Business Education steering group in the last few years and I am working to develop it as the hub for everyone involved in business education – an open space for sharing best practices and connecting with peers, and a committed agent for continuous innovation within the EAIE.

I would be honoured to continue serving the EAIE through this Expert Community.

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