Alejandra Otero

NEO Academy, Spain
Alejandra Otero

I’m Alejandra Otero, Founder and CEO at NEO Academy, associate of the Marketing and Recruitment Expert Community steering group (2020–2022) and EAIE mentor.

I’ve been volunteering at the EAIE and would like to continue increasing the visibility of the Marketing and RecruitmentExpert Community and enhancing knowledge transfer related to marketing and international student recruitment. 

I’m standing to be elected to the Expert Community in a job-share with Michelangelo Balicco. Michelangelo and I have worked together on several projects, from penetrating new markets to establishing tailor-made customer relationship management and co-speaking at conferences. Our combined experiences will bring great added value.

My focus on reshaping the future of education by giving support to educational institutions in the integration of marketing and admissions solutions, in line with the expectations of the 21st century, is fully compatible with the Expert Community’s mission. Moreover, my background in marketing, international relations and admissions,validated with certifications from Google and HubSpot in the fields of marketing, sales and education – and combined with my speaker capabilities in subjects such as digital innovation, marketing automation, international education and sales enablement – makes me an excellent match for the role.

The candidates received 83 votes.