Rob Maat

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
 Rob Maat

As an active EAIE member since 2012, it’s about time I committed myself to becoming engaged in the Expert Communities. As I am bilingual and bicultural by birth, the Expert Community Language and Culture is eminently my place to be. 

I am currently Head of the International Office and Senior Policy Adviser in Internationalisation at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, where I co-developed the Windesheim Intercultural Skills Explorer. I’m also an active (trainer corps) member at the NAFSA Association of International Educators and a certified trainer for the Intercultural Readiness Check. 

I strongly believe that language and culture are core essentials to our field of internationalisation and therefore higher education. They make people understand each other but also differ from each other, and they are necessary in order to learn from and with each other. Including these topics in both (co-)curricula for students and professionalisation activities for employees is of great significance. It will contribute to forging creative pathways for the future. 

As an open-minded, energetic and reliable person, I’m looking forward to putting my skills and experience towards working together with the other members of the Expert Community Language and Culture and all of you at the EAIE.

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