Rewarding excellence

We know that our community is full of inspiring success stories waiting to be told. At the EAIE, we want to empower individuals to better themselves both personally and professionally. Our awards portfolio shines the spotlight on the achievements of our community: people, institutions and organisations committed to transforming the field of international higher education. Nominations for the 2021 EAIE Awards are now closed.

Why should you participate?

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    Pride and visibility: showcase your exemplary work

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    Lead and innovate: help advance the field of internationalisation

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    Motivate and inspire: stimulate others to aspire to excellence

EAIE Awards Hall of Fame

This award means recognition of a vision that sees education as being about values, understanding and critical thinking. It inspires us to work towards the kind of society we want.

Sjur Bergan

Council of Europe, France

2019 award winner

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