Recognising the extraordinary in our sector

We know that our community is full of inspiring success stories waiting to be told. In 2023, we celebrated 20 years of the EAIE Awards and the incredible achievements of the extraordinary individuals, institutions and organisations who have been recognised for their work within our field. 

2023 EAIE Award winners


EAIE Award for Excellence in Internationalisation

Newcastle University

United Kingdom


EAIE Award for Vision and Leadership

Ligia Deca

Minister of Education, Romania


EAIE Award for Outstanding Contribution

Hans-Georg van Liempd

Tilburg University, the Netherlands


EAIE President's

Leonard Engel

European Association for International Education, the Netherlands

How does it work?

  • All EAIE members can nominate for the three awards above during the nomination period. Nominations for the 2024 EAIE Awards will open on 05 April. 
  • Nominees for Excellence in Internationalisation and Vision and Leadership do not have to be EAIE members, nominees for Outstanding Contribution must be EAIE members. 
  • Nominators must fill out the nomination form online, inform the nominee of their nomination and submit the form before the deadline.
  • After nominations close, the EAIE Awards Panel will evaluate the nominations and pass their recommendations to the EAIE Board who will then choose the winners based on the shortlist provided by the Panel.
  • The winners are announced on the EAIE blog and will be honoured during the EAIE Conference and Exhibition in September. The institutional winner will also have the opportunity to present a session at the EAIE Conference detailing their award winning activities and initiatives.

EAIE Awards Hall of Fame

To date, more than 80 individuals and seven institutions and organisations have been proud recipients of an EAIE award. Get to know these individuals, organisations and institutions, that made a difference in the field of international education.

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The Awards Panel

The Awards Panel's main focus is to acknowledge and reward the substantial contributions in the field by reviewing, evaluating and selecting individuals who are nominated for the three EAIE awards. The Panel comprises seven EAIE volunteers. Read more about the Panel and nominations process.

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