Imagine… the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter

Imagine… the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter

It is almost time for the 28th Annual EAIE Conference in Liverpool – an occasion to step away from our day-to-day routine in order to focus on face-to-face meetings with international partners and attend sessions that encourage us to think beyond our regular practices. On the lead up to the conference, a three-part series on the EAIE blog will highlight exclusive pieces by authors of the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter. Today’s blog post is by this volume’s Editor and gives readers an overview of the main themes in the book.

The days spent in Liverpool offer a perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on the wider practice of international education. Based on this year’s conference theme, ‘Imagine…’ this publication inspires conference participants to dream big and imagine what the future of international education could look like prior to the busy conference week. It addresses several hot topics including the refugee crisis, radicalisation, technology, and global development goals. While it is not a light read, we hope that the essays will push you to think beyond and imagine what is possible for the future of higher education internationalisation. The publication is organised into three sub-themes:

Imagine: innovative international education for the future

In this section, three authors address three timely and current topics and offer suggestions for inventive international education practices. Do we need a new vision for higher education in Europe, the European Higher Education Area and international cooperation beyond 2020? In light of the refugee crisis, how can we introduce ‘inclusive internationalisation’ to balance ‘exclusionary internationalisation’? What internationalisation strategies can weaken the motives for radicalisation?

Imagine: technology’s promise for international education

Then the attention is turned to technology and internationalisation. How can ‘borderless education’ be transformed to serve more refugee populations? How will the next-generation digital learning environment personalise the international students’ learning experience?

Imagine: international education and the global development agenda

The final sub-theme focuses in on the role of international education in realising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). How can European higher education actively contribute to the 2030 development goals? Even though African higher education is disadvantaged by internationalisation, how can African regional collaboration build capacity and at the same time contribute to the SDGs?
This week’s blog post series will highlight a few of the essays in the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter and we encourage you to reflect, dream big, and act!
Leasa is Knowledge Development Adviser at the EAIE.
Tune in on Wednesday and Friday for two more pieces from Conference Conversation Starter authors! The full publication is available for download on the EAIE Events App and online, and you’ll have your very own hard copy in your conference bag.

Leasa Weimer
EAIE, the NetherlandsLeasa is Senior Adviser for Knowledge Initiatives for the EAIE.