EAIE Barometer

The EAIE Barometer is the first study to effectively map the state of internationalisation in Europe, as viewed by practitioners directly involved in the internationalisation of their institutions.

Status: Recurring
Period: Spring 2014–Winter 2015

Published in 2015, the EAIE Barometer report is the result of comprehensive study conducted in collaboration with Ecorys, a leading research and consultancy company in Europe. The research reveals the state of internationalisation in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) from the perspective of practitioners, focusing on:

  • The current state of affairs regarding internationalisation in EHEA countries
  • Key developments and challenges in the field

The study

In total, 2411 individual internationalisation practitioners from 33 countries took part in the survey. The final report looks at the following aspects on the aggregate European level and the national level:

  • Reasons for internationalising
  • Organisational and strategic planning
  • Internationalisation activities
  • The impact of institutional, national and European level policies
  • Knowledge and skill needs of practitioners

The results

  • Important developments in the field
  • Useful insights into actual practices employed by European institutions
  • Challenges faced by internationalisation professionals
  • Tools required for the further professionalisation of internationalisation

We aim to make the EAIE Barometer a repeated study to allow for longitudinal comparisons on developments in internationalisation.

Accessing the report

The EAIE Barometer report is available in paperback format. Purchase the report now and see where you, your institution and your country stand in relation to others in Europe when it comes to internationalisation!

If you are an EAIE member, you can access the extended version of the free summary in the Resources Library and save 30% on the full publication price. 

Watch a recording of the free Barometer EAIE Webinar to find out how the findings can support you in advancing internationalisation. 

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