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22 Jul 2016

Research digest for practitioners: July 2016

235x184_BlogJSIEThe July issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education highlights academic staff experiences in international branch campuses, the impact of transnational education, and how higher education institutions can be a tool for public diplomacy. Furthermore, you will find articles that tackle subjects such as MOOCs and how they are perceived by academics and the distinct perceptions academic and administrative staff have with regard to internationalisation. We hope that this melange of interesting bits of internationalisation encourage you to explore these articles further.

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21 Jul 2016

In support of the Turkish higher education community

Turkish-flag Three years ago in 2013, more than 4800 international higher education professionals from all around the world gathered in Istanbul to celebrate the EAIE’s 25th Annual Conference. That time was marked by protests in Taksim Square and highlighted the need for international and intercultural collaborations in higher education. Leading up to the event we established strong relationships with Turkish universities and we continue to work closely with Turkey’s higher education communityContinue Reading
19 Jul 2016

Jumping off the cliff: being English in the age of Brexit

Brexit-IIFollowing the Brexit vote, much uncertainty has been felt within the United Kingdom and beyond. As international educators, we have been watching closely to understand how our field, our students and our higher education institutions will be affected by this new – and in many ways unexpected – situation. In this blog post, Michael Woolf, Deputy Director of CAPA Global Education Network, provides a passionate personal testimony that takes readers on a historical journey to better understand the reasons behind this new chapter for both the UK and the rest of European Union. Continue Reading
15 Jul 2016

Internationalisation data from the bottom up

235x184_people-workingThis is the last blog post of the 2016 summer Forum series. Last week, we looked at the best resources of research and data on international higher education. This week, we have looked at the pitfalls of using data in international education, data for enhancing student satisfaction, data that can be used for recruitment strategies and how data can be used for evaluating returns on investment. Today, we look specifically at data collection on internationalisation. Continue Reading
13 Jul 2016

Measuring ROI in international student recruitment

235x184_Blog_cThis week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This whole issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how it can be and is used, as well as collected by practitioners. Further to yesterday’s blog post on a similar issue, today’s blog post looks at the role of data in measuring return on investment in international student recruitment. Continue Reading
12 Jul 2016

Using real-time data to inform your student recruitment strategy

235x184_Blog_bThis entire week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This whole issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how data can be and are used, as well as collected by practitioners. Today’s blog post zooms in on the use of student course search data for the purpose of international student recruitment. In our global, fast-paced higher education market, real-time data can offer invaluable insights not available elsewhere. Continue Reading
11 Jul 2016

The 7 must-knows of internationalisation data

This week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how data can be and are used, as well as collected, by practitioners. Today’s blog post, the first of the week, looks at the seven main challenges that professionals in internationalisation should be aware of regarding data.       Continue Reading
07 Jul 2016

Top data resources on international education in Europe

235x184_Blog_Summer-ForumThe upcoming issue of summer Forum, the EAIE's flagship member magazine, is on the role of data in international education. Every issue of Forum is covered on the EAIE blog on the week that the magazine is officially published. This time, we have a small 'teaser' for readers of the blog: a comprehensive list highlighting the main sources of data and research that can be used by international education professionals. The author of this blog post, Irina Ferencz, is a member of the EAIE Publications Committee and Deputy Director of the Academic Cooperation Association. Continue Reading
05 Jul 2016

Liverpool a city reimagined

235x184_Liverpool_2There are certain cities that, although neither capitals nor the largest in the nation, have a place in the world’s imagination. Liverpool is one such city. While this generation might associate it with the Beatles, Liverpool was once also the port of registry for the Titanic and one of the main maritime mercantile cities during the British Empire. In September 2016, the world of international higher education will flock to Liverpool en masse to experience the 28th Annual EAIE Conference. To help you make the most of your leisurely time in this captivating city, we have put together a bite-sized sample of the best of Liverpool. Continue Reading