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10 Feb 2016

Russia’s quest for world-class education

Russian-questRussia recently recognised the necessity of modernising its higher education system. As a result, a new educational project, known as the 5-100 initiative, was announced. The project’s goal is to have five Russian universities enter the top 100 of world university rankings by 2020, enhancing their global competitiveness. The goal, announced by President Vladimir Putin in 2012, is at the same time exciting, challenging and rather ambitious. Since its announcement, universities have been working hard on their road maps for success. Continue Reading
03 Feb 2016

Research digest for practitioners: February 2016

235x184_BlogJSIEThe February 2016 special issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on transnational higher education (TNE). Authors in this issue explore common definitions in TNE, questions around higher education boundaries, and the lived experiences of international branch campus managers. This blog post highlights the main takeaways in each article, encouraging you to further explore the research and ground your internationalisation practices in evidence. Continue Reading
28 Jan 2016

Erasmus+: How did we do in 2015?

Erasmus-programmes  In mid-2014, the new possibilities for international higher education cooperation and mobility offered by Erasmus+ were announced, namely: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2014); Capacity-building for Higher Education (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2015); International credit mobility (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2015); and Jean Monnet Actions (first selection under Erasmus+ in 2014). As we step into 2016, it’s time to consider where we stand now.   Continue Reading
26 Jan 2016

Moving forward with Erasmus+

Erasmus-generalErasmus+ was launched in 2014, bringing together for the first time all EU programmes for education, training, youth and sport and introducing new measures to maximise quality, impact and access to the programme. Two years later, the first results are already tangible. The aim of this blog post is to look back on the first years of Erasmus+ and to reflect on the upcoming priorities in light of recent developments in policy and society.    Continue Reading
21 Jan 2016

A new EAIE website for the new year

235x184-Multiple-Devices-MockupThe start of every new year comes with a wave of motivation to start things anew, but also to perfect what was already going well in our lives. In this regard, the EAIE is no different. Today, the Association is officially launching a set of exciting innovations developed to serve our internationalisation of higher education community even better in the year 2016. Continue Reading
13 Jan 2016

Crafting better crisis management strategies

CraftingSince the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris last November, many higher education international offices, faculty, students and parents have been concerned about study abroad. While several crisis management policies and procedures address how to handle student and faculty behavioural issues, currency devaluations, strikes, etc, few have expressly addressed preparing for or responding to terrorist attacks. If you have not revised your current plan or yet established one, now may be the time to sit down with your crisis management committee and consider what your institutional response should be. Continue Reading
06 Jan 2016

How to build intercultural interaction

Brazil-exchangeInternationalisation at Home (IaH) aims to give all students intercultural and international competences. The majority of college students don’t have the opportunity to travel. Students that do get to travel often fail to develop relationships with local students. International students are, in many ways, an untapped resource for IaH. Designing programmes that foster intercultural interaction is a challenge, especially in short-term programmes where international students do not have fluency in the host country language, where home-stay is not feasible, and where international students are not enrolled in regular courses.      Continue Reading
17 Dec 2015

How higher education institutions welcome refugees

resources-refugeesThis year has been very eventful for the field of internationalisation. The EAIE Barometer was launched, the European Parliament report put a spotlight on our field, EAIE 2015 in Glasgow was again a major success, and the Autumn EAIE Academy was the largest one yet! When a great number of refugees moved into Europe, the higher education world responded almost instantly. The EAIE blog has recently highlighted some of these initiatives, but they are growing. In this very last blog post of 2015, the EAIE’s Knowledge Development Adviser, Leasa Weimer shares useful and inspiring resources on the issue. Continue Reading
15 Dec 2015

Understanding the international student experience

ESN-SurveyThe Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is the largest student association in Europe. We support students at the local level in host institutions and advise outgoing students, but we also advocate for the general improvement of exchange programmes in Europe. For the past 10 years, ESN has carried out a survey – with over 129 000 responses – examining student issues in terms of academics, social impact and international student life. The 2015 survey focused on measures accompanying Erasmus, the integration of international students, the economic impact of Erasmus on societies, and international student satisfaction with student associations. Continue Reading
11 Dec 2015

Beyond recruitment and mobility: Internationalisation at Home

International-student-staff-servicesToday (and yesterday) on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the winter issue of the EAIE’s member magazine Forum on the theme of Internationalisation at Home. While mobility may still reign as a key aspect of internationalisation, it is by no means the only one. Coined in 1999 within the EAIE, Internationalisation at Home is today more than an alternative to mobility: it is a strategy in its own right. Today’s author discusses the practical side of Internationalisation at Home through receiving mobile scholars and students. Continue Reading