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22 Feb 2017

5 unique mental health stressors faced by international students

International Student Mobility is unequivocally changing the academic, social and political landscape in higher education. As universities compete globally to attract the best students, they have to address the unique mental health concerns of their new international community. Transnational mobility presents challenges for university staff providing psychological support and crisis management. This blog post outlines five unique mental health stressors affecting international students – and what you can do to respond.   Continue Reading
15 Feb 2017

Research digest for practitioners: February 2017

The February special issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on global citizenship and global learning. The articles and authors critically analyse the concept ‘global citizen’, both the ambiguity of the term and how the term may only serve the Western world.  Global learning and citizenship take shape in various international education learning environments and should be based on foundational principles that nurture deeper learning to occur. The final study explores global citizenship programmes offered in 24 higher education institutions and how the idea of global citizenship is translated into teaching and learning.  Continue Reading
09 Feb 2017

Summer school: beyond Shakespeare in London

Back in 2009, King’s College London took the then courageous step to begin an Undergraduate Summer School. It was a leap in the dark and we started from nothing. At the time, the expectation was, quite unsurprisingly, that this was mainly going to be a programme for the North American market to suit their study abroad needs. In that first year our most important course was Shakespeare in London. Much has changed since then. Continue Reading
07 Feb 2017

Making public-private partnerships work in higher education

Handshake between business man and womanThere is growing interest, among public sector higher education institutions, in engaging with private sector partners to provide complementary services and expertise, and to share investment and risk. The challenges faced by higher education institutions are creating a new climate for innovative solutions, but there are a number of important considerations for anyone thinking about private-public partnerships (PPPs). In this post, Suzanne Alexander, an EAIE trainer teaching a course on PPPs at the Spring Academy in Marseille, outlines some of these concerns. Continue Reading
02 Feb 2017

Clowning around: relieving stress at the international office

As practitioners of internationalisation, we all know times of high pressure, team tensions, or intercultural difficulties. The paperwork is piling up; deadlines have to be met; colleagues, students, and researchers need your attention; and with a single phone call, any of the world’s crises might come right to your desk. It is easy to get stressed out, and you probably know all too well how it feels to be under pressure, tense, annoyed and edgy, and even isolated from your colleagues. In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to a very special technique: the red-nose principle!   Continue Reading
31 Jan 2017

Connecting worlds: the Second Global Dialogue

In 2014, the international higher education associations of the world came together in South Africa for what became known as the Global Dialogue. The aim then was to achieve a more balanced discourse in internationalisation, and a concrete outcome was the Nelson Mandela Bay Global Dialogue Declaration. The Declaration contained several actions for the participating associations to take up, including the intent to have a follow-up meeting. I had the pleasure of representing the EAIE at this important second gathering.   Continue Reading
24 Jan 2017

Academic Refuge: setting up an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project

How can we use the experiences from the work of protecting threatened academics to find solutions for refugee students and academics arriving in Europe? How is this integration work in Europe important for the wider movement to strengthen academic freedom around the world? What could we do within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme? These were the questions we were grappling with one year ago, as we prepared our Erasmus+ application. In this blog post, you can learn from our successful application process.   Continue Reading
19 Jan 2017

Refugees in focus: What is next?

Efforts to integrate refugees into higher education in Europe continue to be present on the agenda of higher education institutions throughout the continent. Sharing best practices and new initiatives helps institutions adopt unique solutions within their own particular contexts. Yet there are still many challenges to be conquered in order to really help refugees integrate into European societies. Following a Spotlight Seminar and a full conference track of this issue, the EAIE will be covering refugee integration from different angles in a brand new blog series: Refugees in focus. Continue Reading
16 Jan 2017

International students and alcohol: should we be worried?

While there are known benefits of studying abroad for young people, concerns have been raised over the health of travelling students. In particular, regarding alcohol consumption during the mobility period. Findings from a research project that collected data on a large international sample of Erasmus students can inform health promotion services and programmes for students completing study abroad experiences.       Continue Reading