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28 Jun 2016

Six inspirational TED talks for international educators

TED-inspirationTED talks began in 1984 with a conference bringing together experts and ideas on technology, entertainment and design. Since then, TED became a non-profit organisation “devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less)”. TED has grown into a global community covering all topics with the aim to spark ideas, discussion, and provoke change in our attitudes, lives, and the world. Hopefully these six inspirational talks will give you plenty to reflect on and think about concerning the work we do to further higher education internationalisation efforts.   Continue Reading
22 Jun 2016

The international educator’s guide to the Brexit debate

BrexitA lot has been said about the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum taking place on 23 June. Both sides of this debate have addressed the impact that a potential Brexit would have on higher education. Heated discussions have transpired regarding EU student numbers, research and technology funding, and scholarly collaboration between EU and UK scholars. As a European association for international education, the EAIE has been paying close attention to these developments. In this blog post, some of the crucial debates and arguments pertaining to our field are outlined. Continue Reading
16 Jun 2016

Can we scale up the support for at-risk scholars and students?

SAR-CongressLast week, special attention was paid to students and scholars having to leave their home country due to risk and persecution – both at the EAIE Spotlight Seminar in Amsterdam and at the Scholars at Risk (SAR) Global Congress 8–10 June in Montréal. At the SAR Global Congress – where I chaired a session on refugees and our Forum on Internationalisation in a conflicted world was distributed – a major focus point was the fact that the need for support is growing fast. It is up to our institutions to respond accordingly. Continue Reading
13 Jun 2016

Cooperation, innovation and influence in the refugee crisis

Spotlight2016-announcementAfter looking at the bigger picture of the unfolding refugee crisis, learning about the values and role of higher education, and hearing from affected students and scholars on Thursday, the EAIE Spotlight Seminar continued the conversation into its second day. Several innovative practices were presented and challenging questions asked with a view towards continuing the discussion in the near future and learning for the distant future. Participants actively engaged in sharing experiences and thoughts, resulting in a strong message for the EAIE Annual Conference in Liverpool in September 2016. Continue Reading
10 Jun 2016

Resilience and strength in response to the refugee crisis

Spotlight2016-announcementThe first day of the Spotlight Seminar is behind us, and what a truly inspiring day it has been. EAIE President Laura Howard opened the day by reiterating the key role that the higher education community can play in the response to this crisis. Remarkable speakers set the tone for the productive discussions that followed the Opening Plenary. The day’s last plenary added the voices of the affected to the echoing sounds of hope, drive and willingness that were heard throughout this past Thursday in Amsterdam. Continue Reading
08 Jun 2016

International higher education around the world

Around-the-worldEven with all the globe-trotting we do in our profession, it’s not often we get the chance to do a world tour in just 60 minutes. The session ‘Exploring hot topics in international education through World café’, held at the NAFSA conference last week in Denver, gave participants just that opportunity. It was a tour of the globe, facilitated by the leaders of six international education associations, all members of the Network of International Education Associations (NIEA). Each speaker was given three minutes to present the issues, challenges, and trends in their specific region of the world. Continue Reading
31 May 2016

Key resources for marketing and recruitment: professionals weigh in

M&RToday on the EAIE blog, we hear from three marketing and recruitment experts working in different national contexts. They are: Aisling Tiernan, who works across Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Andrew Disbury, who is based in the UK and works internationally; and Joanna Kumpula, who is active in Finland. They spill their secrets about the various resources available for international marketing professionals looking to stay up-to-date with today’s hectic international student recruitment and marketing sector. As well as sharing some of their own preferred resources, they tell us about that one key thing they all do. Who better to learn from than the pros? Continue Reading
25 May 2016

Discover a city reimagined at EAIE Liverpool 2016

235x184-LiverpoolA maritime city once central to the industrial landscape of the UK, Liverpool was deeply impacted by deindustrialisation. Today, the city of Liverpool is a thriving cosmopolitan centre with a booming higher education space that attracts international students and educators from all corners of the globe. The EAIE Liverpool 2016 programme is online and, much like our host city, the year’s offerings have been fully re-imagined. We have new interactive session types, engaging networking events, four keynote speakers and even a special track placing ‘Refugees in focus’. Continue Reading
19 May 2016

Research digest for practitioners: May 2016

Journal of Studies in International EducationThis month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topic areas that are central to the field, including intercultural competence, barriers to study abroad and the student experience. Bridging research with practice is the main aim of the research digest. We hope this blog gives you a little teaser to entice you to explore the articles in more depth.       Continue Reading
12 May 2016

Heading south: EAIE 2017

235x184-Seville-dateEvery year, the EAIE Conference and Exhibition takes place in a different European city. After an exciting two-year tour of the United Kingdom, we find ourselves headed to warmer lands in the south of Europe in 2017. Next year’s host city, said to have been founded some 3000 years ago by the ancient Greek god Hercules, is home to colourful scenery and friendly people, a multitude of cultural references and an exciting international higher education space. What’s not to love?   Continue Reading