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25 May 2016

Discover a city reimagined at EAIE Liverpool 2016

235x184-LiverpoolA maritime city once central to the industrial landscape of the UK, Liverpool was deeply impacted by deindustrialisation. Today, the city of Liverpool is a thriving cosmopolitan centre with a booming higher education space that attracts international students and educators from all corners of the globe. The EAIE Liverpool 2016 programme is online and, much like our host city, the year’s offerings have been fully re-imagined. We have new interactive session types, engaging networking events, four keynote speakers and even a special track placing ‘Refugees in focus’. Continue Reading
19 May 2016

Research digest for practitioners: May 2016

Journal of Studies in International EducationThis month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topic areas that are central to the field, including intercultural competence, barriers to study abroad and the student experience. Bridging research with practice is the main aim of the research digest. We hope this blog gives you a little teaser to entice you to explore the articles in more depth.       Continue Reading
12 May 2016

Heading south: EAIE 2017

235x184-Seville-dateEvery year, the EAIE Conference and Exhibition takes place in a different European city. After an exciting two-year tour of the United Kingdom, we find ourselves headed to warmer lands in the south of Europe in 2017. Next year’s host city, said to have been founded some 3000 years ago by the ancient Greek god Hercules, is home to colourful scenery and friendly people, a multitude of cultural references and an exciting international higher education space. What’s not to love?   Continue Reading
11 May 2016

Announcing the 2016–2018 EAIE Leadership

235x184-buttons2016Having been built and nurtured by dedicated members, the EAIE continues to rely on the support of active volunteers in order to achieve our mission. Every two years, we elect a new group of volunteer leaders to guide the Association into the future, and are always thankful for the many individuals who raise their hands to offer their time and expertise. We’re very excited to introduce the 2016–2018 Leadership, all of whom have just been elected by our member community. With their collective knowledge, skills and passion for international higher education, we know that they will accomplish great thingsContinue Reading
09 May 2016

Learning internationalisation strategy: engaging external support

Lessons-in-strategic-planningThis is the first in a brand new series of blog posts by Fiona Hunter and Neil Sparnon: Learning internationalisation strategy. Both authors have worked for many years in a variety of academic and administrative positions in higher education institutions across Europe, and now work as consultants in higher education around the world. As such – and with apologies to Joni Mitchell – Neil and Fiona have “looked at university life from both sides now”. Continue Reading
05 May 2016

‘Wisdom’ in international education guidance and counselling

Guidance-and-councellingAcross departments and faculties, higher education professionals can offer counsel and guidance to international students. Consultations with academic advisors, international officers and programme coordinators can turn deep, meaningful and emotionally challenging for both sides. Advising students on fundamental life issues requires taking a stance regarding issues of identity and belonging, aspiration and self-esteem, and the difficult task of finding a healthy balance between sometimes conflicting needs. A new psychological discipline called ‘wisdom psychology’ provides promising directions on how to address fundamental life problems that may arise during consultations. Continue Reading
03 May 2016

The power of higher education for refugee students

Spotlight2016-announcementFrom 9–10 June, the EAIE is hosting an interactive Spotlight Seminar in Amsterdam focusing on European solutions for integrating refugees into higher education. In this blog post we hear from keynote speaker Helena Lindholm, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg. The role of the higher education sector in the integration of refugees into host societies is of extreme importance. Helena argues that this can go further – educating refugees can help create a mass of educated individuals capable of eventually rebuilding their home countries. Continue Reading
28 Apr 2016

Non-EU student tuition fees in Europe

Tuition-non-EUIn the last decade more European countries have introduced tuition fees for non-EU students. This move to differentiate tuition fees for international (non-EU) students versus domestic and EU students seems to be a trend (eg Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc). In 2017, Finland joins the tuition competition as the national government passed new legislation in 2015 allowing higher education institutions to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students.   Continue Reading
26 Apr 2016

10 reasons why rankings matter in higher education

Rankings-importanceUniversity leadership and policy wonks excitedly await the results of yearly university rankings. Part of the excitement is waning, however, due to the same (old) institutions being listed every year. In the EAIE Barometer study, 35% of practitioners indicated that improving international reputation or position in rankings is one of the top three reasons for internationalising. Rankings are used by some governments in their higher education policy, by institutions looking for international partners and by prospective students searching for a place to study – due, often, to the lack of other widespread metrics. But how powerful are rankings in the higher education world? Continue Reading
21 Apr 2016

Refugee qualifications: European guidelines

Spring-Forum_euro-guidelinesThis week on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the spring issue of Forum magazine on the theme of ‘Internationalisation in a conflicted world’. In our highly interconnected world, conflict increasingly affects us all. How internationalisation professionals cope with this reality is a key question in our daily practice. Today’s author stresses the international legally-binding rights of refugees to have their qualifications evaluated when documentation is missing, and provides a summary of European guidelines on how to cope.   Continue Reading