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27 Sep 2016

Who’s afraid of the big bad strategy? Where the EAIE is heading 2016–2020

235x184_blogIn the past I have sometimes wondered about the relevance of various internationalisation strategies, be they institutional, national or European. Do they really manifest themselves in the day-to-day lives of international higher education practitioners? After having been intimately involved with the development of a new 2016–2020 EAIE strategy as the Vice-President, I am acutely aware of such doubts and concerns. How will our new strategy relate to those working towards making our universities and other institutions ever more international? How do we translate the strategy into concrete action? Continue Reading
23 Sep 2016

In conversation with Sabine Pendl

235x184_sabine-pendlThey say that good things come in small packages and new EAIE Vice-President, Sabine Pendl, Director of the Office of International Relations at the University of Graz in Austria, is no exception. Following her official induction at the Liverpool 2016 Closing Plenary, we sat down with Sabine to learn more about her. What’s she anticipating most about her new role within the EAIE? If she had one superpower, what would it be? Read more to find out. Continue Reading
22 Sep 2016

Research digest for practitioners: September 2016

235x184_BlogJSIEThe September issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education offers an Asian flavour of studies, from China to Japan to an offshore Chinese university in Italy. The studies offer practitioners food for thought on such issues as international student satisfaction, English-medium instruction, international student services, and offshore campus developments. Below you will find a short summary of each article encouraging you to further explore those of interest. Continue Reading
16 Sep 2016

From camp to campus: higher education for refugees

235x184_melissaEAIE Liverpool 2016 has come to an end and what an exceptionally productive week it has been. What a wealth of knowledge our participants, speakers, chairs, Leadership, exhibitors, sponsors, University Partners and presenters bring to the table at our conference! This is exactly the kind of energy that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. In a moving keynote address – closing both the ‘Refugees in Focus’ track and the 28th Annual EAIE Conference – Melissa Fleming, of UNHCR, urged participants to make a commitment to refugee education.   Continue Reading
15 Sep 2016

The art of effective networking

235x184_lunch-timeLunch-time Plenary Keynote speaker Heather White addressed the audience on the all-important issue of networking. We had the pleasure of catching up with her before the conference to get some exclusive contact-making tips and tricks for the readers of our blog. Heather is a true expert in the art of networking, so do take some notes! She’ll be teaching a practical, hands-on Life-skill session later today on ‘Making your LinkedIn work for you’ (don’t forget to bring your phones, computers or tablets), but we’ve got the scoop on some of her most important advice. Continue Reading
15 Sep 2016

Mastermind: shifting paradigms in Master’s admissions

235x184_mastermindWith an increasing number of internationally mobile students applying to Master’s programmes in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), redefining admissions processes became a greater challenge for European higher education institutions (HEIs). It also came with many new questions for Master’s level academic directors: Which criteria should I use in my admissions process? Which ones should I value most? How do I assess students with very diverse backgrounds? How can I improve the diversity of students within my programme? Continue Reading
14 Sep 2016

Refugees in focus: dignity in aid

235x184_refugeesThis year, the EAIE Leadership and membership tried to find ways to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe. A series on the EAIE blog last year highlighted first-response efforts taking place throughout the continent. A Spotlight Seminar in June had participants discussing existing best practices and exchanging experiences. At the conference in Liverpool, we take this effort a step further and discuss long-term policies and practices that will allow refugee students to thrive. This 13-session track taking place over the next three days is a must-see for anyone grappling with how to respond to the great educational needs of refugee arrivals in Europe. Continue Reading
14 Sep 2016

Welcome to EAIE Liverpool 2016

235x184_openingOver 5000 professionals from the field of international higher education have made their way to Liverpool from more than 90 countries to experience our conference first-hand. The event’s official kickoff is today, with Opening Plenary Keynote speaker Richard Gerver setting the stage for an incredibly inspirational week. Your schedule will fill up before you know it, so be sure to start your conference week right at the Opening Reception and don’t miss the opportunity to start exploring our Exhibition Hall today! Continue Reading
13 Sep 2016

Valuing international students in marketing and recruitment

235x184_valuingstudentsThe drive for universities to internationalise is often not based on morality or ethics, but on good economic sense. The financial contribution made to universities – and the host country – by international students is immense. However, at many, if not all, higher education institutions, the focus is on growing international recruitment at the lowest possible cost. This is understandable and sensible on many levels: in a world dominated by market economics, those not efficient and profitable simply cease to exist. But is it socially responsible? Continue Reading
13 Sep 2016

Graduate employability: from stigma to diversity

graduateemployabilityUniversities now have increasingly diverse student bodies – including international students, students with disabilities and mental health issues, mature students, migrants, etc. These students are found in all study areas and research shows that they perform as well as any other student. But what happens upon graduation?  What is their experience of getting jobs and joining professions? Evidence shows that it is often very negative. They are met with damaging assumptions, stigma and find themselves at the end of a very long queue. So what can professionals do when they want all of their students to succeed?     Continue Reading