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17 Oct 2016

Why an editorial style guide is critical for higher education marketing

editorialUniversities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage their brand across diverse departments, programmes, and divisions. More and more, there are written guidelines governing how to use the logo, fonts, or colours, but the words themselves often fall through the cracks. Yet an editorial style guide is a critical part of ensuring that the brand is being portrayed consistently and correctly. Editorial style guides are important for any institution, as inconsistency (not to mention errors!) can imply a lack of professionalism or quality. Continue Reading
13 Oct 2016

New Spotlight Seminar on international marketing strategy

235x184_spotlightmrIncreased competition for international students means that now more than ever, marketing and recruitment professionals need to be at the top of their game. If you know who you’re going to recruit, why you want them and what they value, then you’re halfway there. To rise to the top you also need to be able to link this to your internationalisation and recruitment strategies and get internal stakeholders on board. The EAIE is pleased to present a new Spotlight Seminar, ‘International marketing strategy: find your market niche and climb to the top’, a two-day event that you won’t want to missContinue Reading
11 Oct 2016

Indigenising internationalisation: intersecting the global and local

intersectionLike many who study international education, I was pleased when 2015 brought us updated definitions of internationalisation, internationalisation at home and of the curriculum. i, ii, iii I then began to realise that, although these revised definitions attempt to more explicitly connect internationalisation efforts with educational and societal outcomes, they may not be sufficient to guide the Canadian approach. Anchored in the global Indigenous movement, Canadian higher education has other concerns. Continue Reading
06 Oct 2016

EAIE Liverpool 2016 in tweets

The 28th Annual EAIE Conference is may be over, but now it's time to reflect on what we learned and how we can better work together to develop international higher education. With so many interesting quotes, stats, questions, and photos shared on Twitter by conference participants, we decided to go through the thousands of tweets to tell you the story of EAIE Liverpool 2016 as it was shared in real time. Whether you were unable to attend this year or simply want to relive the thought-provoking week, here's a round-up of the week's highlights for you to browse through. Continue Reading
04 Oct 2016

Employer insights: What gets your students hired?

employmentAt EAIE Liverpool 2016, I had the privilege of organising an employer panel From learning to earning: employers’ perspectives on employability. [i]  In the session, representatives from multinational companies shared their insights into what they deem to be employable graduates. Our world café session was structured so that it would be as interactive as possible: 75 minutes, 10 questions, an audience and the speakers. And interactive it was!   Continue Reading
30 Sep 2016

The first order of business in alumni communications

alumnWhen developing a communications programme for alumni, the tendency is to start by thinking about the media you’ll use. Non-profit organisation business consultant Tim Miles suggests that you begin by asking: What is the first order of business? While many might say that the first order of business is how and what you want to communicate to your alumni, Tim would disagree. The first order of business is to understand the goals and values of your alumni relations programme before you attempt to develop a marketing and/or communication plan. Continue Reading
27 Sep 2016

Who’s afraid of the big bad strategy? Where the EAIE is heading 2016–2020

235x184_blogIn the past I have sometimes wondered about the relevance of various internationalisation strategies, be they institutional, national or European. Do they really manifest themselves in the day-to-day lives of international higher education practitioners? After having been intimately involved with the development of a new 2016–2020 EAIE strategy as the Vice-President, I am acutely aware of such doubts and concerns. How will our new strategy relate to those working towards making our universities and other institutions ever more international? How do we translate the strategy into concrete action? Continue Reading
23 Sep 2016

In conversation with Sabine Pendl

235x184_sabine-pendlThey say that good things come in small packages and new EAIE Vice-President, Sabine Pendl, Director of the Office of International Relations at the University of Graz in Austria, is no exception. Following her official induction at the Liverpool 2016 Closing Plenary, we sat down with Sabine to learn more about her. What’s she anticipating most about her new role within the EAIE? If she had one superpower, what would it be? Read more to find out. Continue Reading
22 Sep 2016

Research digest for practitioners: September 2016

235x184_BlogJSIEThe September issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education offers an Asian flavour of studies, from China to Japan to an offshore Chinese university in Italy. The studies offer practitioners food for thought on such issues as international student satisfaction, English-medium instruction, international student services, and offshore campus developments. Below you will find a short summary of each article encouraging you to further explore those of interest. Continue Reading
16 Sep 2016

From camp to campus: higher education for refugees

235x184_melissaEAIE Liverpool 2016 has come to an end and what an exceptionally productive week it has been. What a wealth of knowledge our participants, speakers, chairs, Leadership, exhibitors, sponsors, University Partners and presenters bring to the table at our conference! This is exactly the kind of energy that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. In a moving keynote address – closing both the ‘Refugees in Focus’ track and the 28th Annual EAIE Conference – Melissa Fleming, of UNHCR, urged participants to make a commitment to refugee education.   Continue Reading