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18 May 2017

Facing outward: EAIE Geneva 2018

The Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition is on the move in 2018 to yet another European city. In today’s political climate, the time is ripe for serious discussions on the values of international higher education and how we can preserve them in the spirit of mutual understanding. The 2018 host city is no stranger to diplomacy and international collaboration, having been the home of the former League of Nations and now the United Nations European Head Quarters. It’s a very symbolic place to have these important discussions and to celebrate the EAIE’s 30th conference and our commitment to driving responsible international higher educationContinue Reading
17 May 2017

Research digest for practitioners: May 2017

This month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from Germany and Portugal to Iraq to Korea and Malaysia. Articles focus in on the subject of student mobility and address such topics as the push-pull factors of international students, discrimination of mobile students, perceived risks of studying abroad, national evolution of student mobility, and low rates of student mobility in specific programmes. The main aim of the research digest is to bridge research with practice. We hope this blog serves as a teaser to entice you to explore the articles in more depth.   Continue Reading
10 May 2017

International directors – managing up, down and across

International Directors managing up, down and acrossHow often have you as an International Director focused your efforts on the practical issues and resources over which you have direct control, only to be thwarted by what you consider to be institutional bureaucracy and people who just don’t get ‘it’?  It happens to us all. A key challenge is the extent to which it is possible to pursue internationalisation strategies within wider, and often competing, institutional priorities. This blog gives insight to International Directors on how to best manage their role within the entire organisation. Continue Reading
04 May 2017

The nuts and bolts: mid-term evaluation of Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ programme was launched in 2014 to streamline education, training, youth and sport actions into one single programme and runs until 2020. Erasmus+ nurtures and funds numerous student and staff mobility schemes as well as regional and international collaboration. The European Commission is responsible for designing and implementing a mid-term evaluation of the programme which will be submitted to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions in December 2017. This blog post highlights the nuts and bolts of the Erasmus+ programme evaluation process. Continue Reading
24 Apr 2017

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: from vision to reality

European Qualification Passport for RefugeesIn a time of unprecedented pressure to tackle the migration challenge, the demand for an effective and sustainable approach to screening, evaluating and recognising refugees’ qualifications is at the forefront of political agendas in many countries. Also in this blog post, check out the very first passport to be issued via the programme, and learn more about the woman who received it.  Continue Reading
21 Apr 2017

Getting to know your neighbours: connected in the region, ready for the world

Generally speaking, getting to know your neighbours has its perks: you can borrow a carton of milk, help each other out, share great conversation and work to make your neighbourhood better. In academia as at home, life is that much better when you get to know your neighbours and it starts in the most basic form, by talking to each other. Sharing knowledge, ideas and expertise is all part of the strategy of regionalisation – and vital to internationalisation. Continue Reading
20 Apr 2017

Brexit: A ‘stress test’ for the regionalisation fostered by the Bologna Process?

Brexit is shifting the discussion about higher education in the European Union, raising questions about EU-wide exchange and collaboration projects and, more broadly, about the future of the supranational European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which has been promoted for the last 17 years through the Bologna Process. Continue Reading
19 Apr 2017

Regionalisation in international education

This week, the EAIE is launching the spring 2017 issue of its member magazine Forum. Each Forum is themed, and this issue we take a closer look at the relationship between regionalisation and international education. Are these opposite concepts? How is regionalisation affected by rising nationalism? In today’s blog post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the Publications Committee, introduces the multifaceted relationship between the regional and the international. Continue Reading
12 Apr 2017

Mapping international student fees in Europe

Tuition fees for international students are a much debated topic. The rationale for introducing fees, different fee-structures and the consequences they have are both value-laden and concrete economic questions. The fee policies and structures are constantly evolving in Europe and, as an international officer, having a good overview of who charges international students what is essential. Last year, Eurydice published a comprehensive report containing facts and figures on tuition fees in Europe.[i] This blog post gives you a quick overview of the main findings. Continue Reading