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Forum is the EAIE member magazine, published three times a year in spring, summer and winter. The magazine is themed, approaching a single topic from multiple angles and a range of geographies with each issue. As soon as a theme and deadline are known, we open a general call for articles. Upcoming theme descriptions can be found on this page. Submissions can be sent to EAIE Publications. EAIE members receive the magazine in print at home, but can also access it online.

Spring Forum

The evolving classroom

Deadline to submit: 01 February 2019

Higher education institutions have become more internationally focused than ever before, with a geographically and culturally diverse staff and student body increasingly becoming the norm. This has a direct effect on classrooms. For example, curricula include internationally relevant subject matter and make use of pedagogical techniques that facilitate intercultural learning. Technological innovations, facilitated by globalisation, have also expanded the possibilities for international and intercultural teaching and learning.

These changes raise a number of key questions: How does (or can) diversity in a classroom result in intercultural learning? How can faculty embrace and foster intercultural learning, and what can institutions do to support them? How can students and faculty come together to co-develop an internationalised classroom? How does technology mitigate more intercultural learning in an internationalised classroom?

This issue will aim to address these questions, explore ways that the internationalisation of the university classroom can expand, and analyse current and future implications for the higher education sector more generally. Key themes include:

  • Best practices of intercultural learning in a diverse classroom
  • Faculty development for the international classroom
  • Internationalisation of the home curriculum
  • Students and faculty co-creating international classrooms
  • Creative pedagogical techniques facilitating intercultural learning
  • Digitalisation, virtual collaboration and the shared learning experience
  • Internationalising learning outcomes
  • Integrating international students in the classroom
  • Connecting formal and informal learning
  • International classrooms as an alternative for study abroad

Summer Forum

The internationalisation research agenda

Deadline to submit: 16 March 2019

The EAIE is a professional organisation largely dedicated to helping practitioners network among relevant peers and partners, and expand their knowledge base with respect to the work they do in the field. But, internationalisation can also be understood as a subject of study, examined by scholars, policymakers, consultants and even practitioners themselves, all of whom are trying to get a better handle on the contours of this phenomenon in order to better understand current dynamics and enhance future practice. There is a considerable body of research that has been generated over the last several decades, and signs point to an ongoing interest in internationalisation as a research topic. But, what has the research on internationalisation to date revealed? How does the research that’s been carried out so far relate to enhanced practice? And what are the critical research topics for the future that beg our attention?

This issue of Forum aims to provide insight into the current state of play of research on internationalisation, and to advance the conversation about the kinds of issues and ideas that should frame a research agenda for the future. Articles for this issue might:

  • Give an indication of the ways that a particular institution or programme has leveraged research on internationalisation to improve practice and provide insights into how others might learn from that experience
  • Suggest strategies for how practitioners and researchers can work together most effectively to advance relevant research projects for the field
  • Share perspectives on the kinds of research outputs that practitioners find most useful – what are some of the best practices seen for translating research into information and tools that practitioners can really use?
  • Suggest an agenda for future research of value to the international education community in Europe. Does this agenda look the same across the whole of Europe, or are there particular research needs that vary by region? By institutional type? By field or discipline?


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