2022 Winter Forum: Universities and their communities

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    December 2022
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Higher education institutions don’t operate in a vacuum: they are connected through their activities and interests to a wide range of actors with a stake in what they do and how they do it. Indeed, service to society has long been considered one of the core functions of higher education, alongside education and research, and universities typically have strong links with their local and national communities, with whom they share physical space and close cultural, social and economic ties.

As internationalisation becomes more embedded in the fabric of higher education institutions across Europe and beyond, in what ways do universities’ international activities and orientations intersect with – and ideally enrich – their community engagement approaches and service to society agendas? This issue of Forum magazine endeavours to explore that very question from a variety of perspectives.


04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Solidarity with Ukraine: the view from next door
Universities and their communities joining hands in Poland

08 Nonviolent communication: healing our global traumas
A powerful tool for cultivating global citizenship

11 Eastern Europe and Central Asia: societies in transition
The key role of universities in transition economies

14 Universities and societal transformation in South Africa
Higher education's mandate in healing apartheid wounds

17 The local democratic mission of higher education
Bolstering universities' commitment to instilling democratic values

20 In conversation with Ninoslav ŠÄ‡ukanec Schmidt
The Executive Director of the Institute for the Development of Education on the state of community engagement in higher education

24 The UNICORN approach to service learning
Integrating community engagement in the curriculum

27 Gen Z: ready to tackle the SDGs
Converting student enthusiasm into societal change

30 IHES Catalonia Lab: opening up the ivory tower
Translating theory into practice

34 Connecting city and curriculum
Bringing research and education closer to community needs

36 Homestays: connecting students, universities and communities
An often-overlooked approach to international mobility

38 Mindful mobility
Students as custodians of their host communities

41 EAIE blog spot

43 Calendar of events

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