2021 Spring Forum: Europe and the Global South

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    April 2021
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The ‘Global South’ is a contested term, which cannot accurately reflect the rich diversity of national realities across major world regions. Still, the term is used widely and typically refers to countries facing multiple development challenges. This issue of Forum endeavours to expand our understanding of how engagement between Europe and the Global South is playing out, as well as the challenges and opportunities that may result from current realities and future trends.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Navigating the North–South divide – Erich Thaler, Alicia Betts & Michelle Greene
Getting the lay of the land in relations between North and South

08 The third scramble for Africa – Eva Kagiri-Kalanzi & Roseanna Avento
The competition for African minds runs the risk of repeating history

11 iKudu: stronger together – Reinout Klamer, Lize-Mari Mitchell & Katherine Wimpenny
Putting intercultural understanding to work to support one another

14 Digital Africa: building capacity for the future – Petra Pistor
Investments in skills and infrastructure to help even the playing field

17 The fine line between internationalisation and recolonisation – James Kennedy
Guidelines for helping without harming

20 In conversation with Wondwosen Tamrat – Jacob Gibbons
Founding President of St. Mary's University, Ethiopia, on the value of interdependence

24 Capacity building: lessons from COVID-19 – Mark Vlek de Coningh & Huba Boshoff
Lessons learned from the constant threat of natural disaster

28 From pandemic to paradigm shift – Gabriel Brito Amorim, Kyria Finardi & Felipe Guimarães
Recalibrating Brazil's relationships with the Global North

30 Boosting youth employment in Latin America – Sandra Rincón & Marcela Wolff
Exploring tools for promoting employability

34 India's evolving approach to sharing knowledge – Nidhi Piplani Kapur & Amruta Ruikar
Personal and professional perspectives from one of the hardest-hit regions

36 Bologna in Kyrgyzstan – Martha C. Merrill
A European framework adapted to Central Asian realities

39 Never waste a good crisis – Hala Dimechkie
Turning a liability into an asset

42 Colonisation: past, present, future? – Samia Chasi
Decolonisation as one equitable way forward

44 Towards South–South–North partnerships – Elizabeth Colucci & Nico Jooste
Reorienting relationships across the globe

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