2020 Summer Forum: Employability for the 21st century

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    June 2020
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    • Learning, teaching & curriculum
    • Mobility


The world of work is changing rapidly, and addressing these changes in meaningful ways is a topic of immense interest to educators, policymakers and the general public. Higher education is being asked to produce graduates with everything from hard skills to soft skills, self-awareness to intercultural competencies, field-specific knowledge to transversal talents, local insights to global sensitivities. This issue of Forum seeks to provide a range of insights into what the call for ‘employability for the 21st century’ means to international higher education professionals across Europe and beyond.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 What happens after graduation? – Louise Nicol & Vicky Lewis
21st-century challenges call for a renewed focus on employability

09 Putting international graduates to work – Gabi Binnie
Providing internationals with the extra support they need to enter the labour market

12 A view from Venice: youth employment in Italy – Elena Borsetto
Internationalisation is helping bring down Europe’s highest youth unemployment rate

15 Nursing education without borders – Natasha Österman
Cooperating across borders to meet the ever-climbing demand for nurses

18 Promoting employability with smart policy – Brett Berquist
Immigration policy can make or break international students’ post-study ambitions

21 Alumni networks: connecting to global opportunities – Sandra Rincon & Maria Gallo
When competing for jobs on a global scale, it helps to know the right people

24 In conversation with Rajika Bhandari – Jacob Gibbons
The President and CEO of the IC3 Institute discusses 21st-century employability

28 Listening across cultures – Liliana Gonzalez
The ability to understand people from other cultures is one that’s in high demand

31 Intercultural competence: all fun and games – Sabine Sainte-Rose, Fabienne Munch & Anne Bartel-Radic
A game-based approach to bringing international skills to domestic students

34 Preparing for the modern multilingual workplace – Åsa Mickwitz, Dragana Cvetanovic, Heini Lehtonen & Auli Toom
In the 21st century, one language may not be enough to get the job done

37 Binational universities: double the opportunities – Jessica Schüller
Focusing on two countries’ labour markets offers depth rather than breadth

40 Short stays revisited – Davina Potts
A nuanced look at the relative gains from short and long-term mobility

43 Greening employability: jobs as if the 21st century mattered – Scott Blair
Instiling the skills needed for tomorrow’s economy

46 EAIE blog spot

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