2011 Winter Forum

  • Forum magazine
  • Publication date
    December 2011
  • Topics
    • Partnerships and networks

This issue features the 2011 EAIE Annual Conference report, an interview with Christian Stadil; a report on the latest policy developments in Brussels; and critical reflections on North-South partnerships between European and African institutions.

Table of contents

02 Editorial – Michael Cooper

06 Member news
On your behalf, New job, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize

09 Books & websites

10 Anything new in Brussels? – Christian Tauch (*Editor's pick)
Updates from the European Commission

14 Christian Stadil – Elise Kuurstra & Sarah Fencott
An interview with the man behind Hummel

18 Japanese higher education – Itoko Fujita & Lyckle Griek
Recent developments and challenges of globalisation

21 Internationalisation at Home –  Sander Schroevers
Exploring e-Projects

24 A bright future for Europe-India Collaboration – Rahul Choudaha
Opportunities and challenges

27 Internationalisation as the universities’ response to globalisation – Kees Kouwenaar
Further discussions

30 Scholarly partnerships between Africa and Europe – Sheila Meintjes & Ursula Scheidegger
Critical reflections

32 Enjoy Dublin’s top ten attractions
Preparing for next year’s conference

36 Message from the President
Gudrun Paulsdottir

38 Raising the bar in Copenhagen – Leonard Engel
The conference evaluation

42 Arab spring in my heart – Jomana Shdefat
Dialogue speaker Jomana Shdefat’s inspirational story

45 2011 EAIE winners
Creative writing contest and 2011 Awards

51 Opening Sessions – Alva Bruun, Hans-Werner Rückert, Kathleen Van Heule, Adele Browne & Andy Nicol
EDC, FEDORA, MOPILE, ACCESS and M&R reflect on their Opening Sessions

58 Talking Head – EAIE
An interview with Juan Juliá Igual

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