Thematic Committees

Thematic Committees share their knowledge within a particular area of international education to help create the high-quality content the EAIE is known for and to help enrich the professional lives of their fellow EAIE members. The nine Thematic Committees comprised of up to seven appointed EAIE members support the Functional Committees in content development. 

The nine Thematic Committees are:

  • European-funded programmes
  • Leadership, strategy and policy
  • Marketing and admissions
  • Partnerships
  • Research on internationalisation
  • Social responsibility
  • Student and alumni services
  • Student and staff mobility
  • Teaching, learning and curriculum

How to apply

Thematic Committee members are appointed by the Board following a Member Consultation. In April of this year, EAIE members had the opportunity to nominate themselves to join a Thematic Committee. The next call for Thematic Committee members will take place in 2026.


EAIE members can nominate themselves for a role by submiting a short statement about their experience


EAIE members can endorse their three preferred nominees for each Committee during a Member Consultation


The top five candidates from the Consultation, and two additional candidates are appointed by the Board 



Thematic Committee member profile 

Roles and responsibilities

Thematic Committee members are experts in the broad topic area relevant to their committee and help create the high quality content that the EAIE provides to its members. Key tasks for the Thematic Committees are as follows:

  • Review Conference session proposals as allocated to each specific Thematic Committee

  • Play an active role in Conference session evaluation

  • Design Spotlight sessions on hot topics, in agreement with the Conference Programme Committee

  • Suggest content and help surface ideas for EAIE publications, such as the Podcast, Forum, Blog, Pathways to Practice

  • Actively work with the Professional Development Committee to build a comprehensive training portfolio and serve as a subject matter expert

  • Join and participate in discussions within relevant Communities of Practice

  • Suggest contributors and scout for content contributor talent

Serving as a Thematic Committee member offers an opportunity to share your expertise in your particular field. Thematic Committee members are required to attend, prepare for and actively participate in all scheduled Thematic Committee meetings (up to four per year).

A Chair for each Thematic Committee will be appointed by the Thematic Committee, from amongst the Thematic Committee members. The Chair will act as the main point of contact as well as organise and facilitate all Thematic Committee meetings, with support from the Office. Download the full position profile as a PDF here.

Benefits of being a Thematic Committee member

Influence: Help guide and shape EAIE content, conference sessions and activities contributing to the Association’s high-quality content 

Growth: Develop and grow your potential beyond your institution 

Access to industry insights: Stay abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the field of international education through direct involvement in shaping the EAIE content 

Inspiration: Work closely with a small group of professionals who share your same passion and interest, building lasting relationships 

Extra perks: Reduced conference registration fee and attendance at volunteer meetings 

Required skills and attributes

Connections and resources in your field: You have a solid track record of using your knowledge, talent and skills in a specialised area to contribute to the success of programmes, events or projects.

Communication and training skills: You are a good listener and have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the needs of the EAIE community. You are committed to identifying and cultivating potential future Thematic Committee members.

Open and creative thinking: Knowledgeable and experienced in your field, you are open to new trends and developments and can imagine creative content offerings that serve the needs of EAIE members in their daily jobs.

Understanding of teamwork: You have well-developed interpersonal and intercultural communication skills and you can easily collaborate with team members as you work together towards the EAIE’s goals and objectives. Thematic Committees must work in close cooperation with the Functional Committees.

Commitment: Joining a Thematic Committee will be a rewarding experience and it requires the ability and willingness to support the EAIE’s activities and programmes by sharing time and expertise as well as the commitment to the EAIE and its values, mission and goals.

Length of term

In 2024, Thematic Committee members are appointed for a term of two years. From 2026, Thematic Committee members will be appointed for a term of three years and are eligible for reappointment for one additional consecutive term of three years.

Appointment process

Thematic Committee members are appointed by the Board from among the members, following a membership consultation. For each Thematic Committee, each member may cast one vote for up to three candidates, resulting in a ranking. The top five (5) candidates who received the highest number of votes are automatically appointed. The Board appoints the final two (2) members from amongst the remaining candidates, taking into account gender and geographic balance as well as the diversity of topics represented and regardless of the number of votes cast for the relevant candidate. All candidates will be notified of the result and the results announced on the website via a blog.


Eligibility criteria

The following criteria apply to all nominations for Thematic Committees:

  • Nominees must be members of the Association and must have a knowledge base or professional connection to the particular topic of the Thematic Committee.

  • Members may be nominated for any available Thematic Committee position. There are seven (7) available positions within each Thematic Committee.

  • Members may only nominate themselves.

  • Nominees must not hold any other role within the EAIE once their term commences.  

  • Nominees must sign the EAIE Commitment statement.

  • Nominees must hand in an appointment statement to be published during the member consultation. This statement should include:

    • Details of their experience / expertise in relation to the topics covered by the Thematic Committee.

    • Details of the L2 topics they are professionally interested in.

    • Indication of their willingness (or, alternatively, their lack of interest) to serve as Chair of the Thematic Committee if appointed. (Note: This information is simply used to assess the availability of potential Chairs from within the applicant pool per Thematic Committee.)