Forum & blog submission guidelines

Forum magazine

 Forum submission guidelines 

Submissions to Forum magazine may be submitted up to the listed deadline and should adhere to the following guidelines: 

  • Be on topic: carefully review the issue theme and suggested topics. 

  • Ensure the appropriate length: 800–1200 words is ideal; submissions far outside this range will not be considered. 

  • Be original: Forum does not accept previously-published work, and articles submitted to Forum may not be later republished. 

  • Strike the right tone: Forum is journalistic, narrative, and/or conversational in style. The magazine does not publish scholarly articles or personal essays. 

  • Cite your sources: a maximum of 8 citations (in APA format) may be included where strictly necessary, noting that your article should not be overly academic in style.  

Articles should be submitted in a .doc or plain text format. Any potential images for inclusion may be included as attachments. 


Blog submission guidelines

The EAIE Blog continuously accepts submissions on a rolling basis. An article may be well-suited to the EAIE Blog if it is: 

  • Relevant: Blog articles should cover topics in international higher education, and will usually correspond to a category listed in the EAIE Taxonomy. 

  • Useful: The EAIE Blog is geared towards practitioners and professionals. Blog articles typically share best practices, how-to’s, institutional experiences and other actionable insights which help practitioners in the day-to-day work of internationalisation. 

  • Accessible: EAIE Blog readers come from a variety of countries and language backgrounds. Blog articles should be written in a way that is accessible to this diverse international audience. 

  • Conversational: The Blog is neither a scholarly journal nor a personal blog, but a space for colleagues to share experiences and expertise. Articles should be neither highly formal nor highly informal, but somewhere in between. 

  • Non-promotional: Articles explicitly promoting a particular product or service, or profiling a specific institution or programme without a clear actionable take-away for practitioners, will not be accepted. 

  • Concise: There is no strict word limit for the EAIE Blog, but articles are generally somewhere between 500 and 1500 words. A narrow angle with a specific focus and concrete take-aways is key. 

Blog submissions can be sent at any time. You can also always email us to discuss an idea for a blog or advice on how to approach and structure your article. 

2024 Winter Forum open for submissions

What do you think about the landscape of international higher education in the post-pandemic moment? We invite submissions from members and non-members alike to respond to the theme 'Building back better?'.

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