27 May 2024

Introducing the new EAIE leaders and volunteers to the EAIE ecosystem

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Central to what makes the EAIE unique is our international community of dedicated volunteers. This diverse group of passionate professionals commits their time and energy to sharing ideas, providing inspiration, and shaping the future of international higher education. It is their hard work and generosity that helps us navigate the dynamic future of international higher education, allowing our EAIE ecosystem to flourish.

In April 2024, current members of the EAIE community stepped forward for a range of governance and volunteer positions. From serving on the EAIE’s General Council to sitting as Board members or volunteering on our nine Thematic Committees, each appointed member will play a key role in driving the EAIE’s activities for the coming period. We are thrilled to introduce you to the new EAIE leaders and volunteers.

General Council

At the helm of the Association's governance, the General Council, elected by the members, safeguards their best interests and provides strategic oversight on our long-term vision, finances and longevity. The newly elected members hail from 8 countries and promise to enrich our global perspective, ensuring continued growth and sustainability of the EAIE. Congratualtions to the new General Council members and thank you to the other 10 candidates who put themselves forward. The newly elected General Council will serve a three year term, from 2024–2027, beginning in September. You can view the final elections results here.


The Board plays a vital role in guiding the Association’s future by developing and implementing the strategy. Four new Board members have been appointed by the current General Council following rigorous evaluations and interviews, joining Sara López Selga, who will succeed Piet Van Hove as EAIE President. Tayyeb Shah will assume the role of Vice President. All new roles will begin in September.

Thematic Committees 

The nine new Thematic Committees will contribute to the creation and curation of high-quality, relevant content within the EAIE, helping to enrich the professional journeys of our members. Appointed by the current Board, taking into account a Member Consultation and various other considerations to achieve a balanced composition, these Thematic Committee members are poised to make significant contributions. The new Thematic Committees will serve a two-year term, from 2024–2026, beginning this September. Congratulations to the new Thematic Committee members, listed below in alphabetical order, and sincere thanks to all who expressed interest in serving.

European-funded programmes

Leadership, strategy and policy

Marketing and admissions


Research on internationalisation

Social responsibility

Student and alumni services

Student and staff mobility

Teaching, learning and curriculum

Stay engaged and connected via the Community Platform

The Communities of Practice are where all EAIE members share ideas, knowledge and resources, providing support and inspiration to the global EAIE network. This interactive space is your hub for joining discussions, gathering new insights and elevating your professional journey.

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