Award for Vision and Leadership

Innovative vision and leadership are fundamental in shaping the future of international education. This award celebrates inspiring individuals or organisations for their remarkable achievements in demonstrating and developing strategies that create new ways of thinking and redefine the landscape of global higher education.

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee has a proven record of providing vision, leadership, and inspiration in international higher education.

  • The nominee is widely recognised as a person who has contributed to both leadership processes and results in international higher education with dedication, innovation and perseverance.

  • The nominee has been active in international higher education leadership for at least 10 years with a documented record of high professional standards that reflect one or more of the EAIE values: collaborative, inspiring, inclusive and excellence. 

  • The nominator is an EAIE member, the nominee is not required to be an EAIE member.  



We aim for the winner's journey and achievements to inspire our EAIE and global community. The winner will receive:

  • Extensive visibility at the EAIE Conference, including at the Opening and Closing plenaries and on event signage.

  • Two fee waivers for the EAIE Annual Conference and two invitations to the President’s Reception.

  • Opportunity to participate in a podcast, webcast, or blog post.

  • An EAIE award to display in your home or office.

  • Additionally, the nominator will also receive a conference fee waiver and invitation to the President’s Reception.

Prepare your nomination

Formulate a winning nomination by offering comprehensive responses to each of the nomination questions below. Support your nomination with tangible examples to back up your nomination and responses. Please be sure you adhere to the maximum word count per question to make your nomination as strong as possible. Nominations close on 29 April.

How has the nominee's leadership contributed to and shaped the international education landscape?

Share specific examples where the nominee's leadership significantly shaped the global education landscape, as well as any specific initiatives or projects spearheaded by the nominee which resulted in positive change or advancement in the field. (500 words)

How did the nominee's innovative approaches to leadership help to enact their special vision?

Highlight instances where the nominee has demonstrated innovative leadership approaches or thinking that have uniquely shaped their vision for international education. (500 words)

Detail any other key achievements in the nominee's career from the last 5–10 years

Highlight any significant milestones or accomplishments focusing on their contributions, innovations or leadership within international education or other related areas. (500 words)


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