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20 Jun 2017

Refugees in focus: A refugee voice

Hasina Shirzad is an Afghan refugee student living in Norway. With no official documentation proving her qualifications, Hasina began reaching out to universities with the hopes of studying to return to her career as a journalist. She was accepted, but can only study single subjects at this time. She is still working to have her… Read more »

24 Apr 2017

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: from vision to reality

In a time of unprecedented pressure to tackle the migration challenge, the demand for an effective and sustainable approach to screening, evaluating and recognising refugees’ qualifications is at the forefront of political agendas in many countries. Also in this blog post, check out the very first passport to be issued via the programme, and learn more… Read more »

19 Jan 2017

Refugees in focus: What is next?

Efforts to integrate refugees into higher education in Europe continue to be present on the agenda of higher education institutions throughout the continent. Sharing best practices and new initiatives helps institutions adopt unique solutions within their own particular contexts. Yet there are still many challenges to be conquered in order to really help refugees integrate… Read more »

13 Jun 2016

Cooperation, innovation and influence in the refugee crisis

After looking at the bigger picture of the unfolding refugee crisis, learning about the values and role of higher education, and hearing from affected students and scholars on Thursday, the EAIE Spotlight Seminar continued the conversation into its second day. Several innovative practices were presented and challenging questions asked with a view towards continuing the… Read more »

10 Jun 2016

Resilience and strength in response to the refugee crisis

The first day of the Spotlight Seminar is behind us, and what a truly inspiring day it has been. EAIE President Laura Howard opened the day by reiterating the key role that the higher education community can play in the response to this crisis. Remarkable speakers set the tone for the productive discussions that followed… Read more »

03 May 2016

The power of higher education for refugee students

From 9–10 June, the EAIE is hosting an interactive Spotlight Seminar in Amsterdam focusing on European solutions for integrating refugees into higher education. In this blog post we hear from keynote speaker Helena Lindholm, Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg. The role of the higher education sector in the integration of refugees into host… Read more »

17 Dec 2015

How higher education institutions welcome refugees

This year has been very eventful for the field of internationalisation. The EAIE Barometer was launched, the European Parliament report put a spotlight on our field, EAIE 2015 in Glasgow was again a major success, and the Autumn EAIE Academy was the largest one yet! When a great number of refugees moved into Europe, the higher… Read more »

27 Nov 2015

Academic dugnad at the University of Oslo

This is the final of a week-long coverage on refugees in Europe on the EAIE blog. Yesterday we looked at NOKUT’s country-wide response in Norway in the context of this crisis. Earlier this week, we saw examples from German and Hungarian higher education institutions. Today, the last of five blog posts on the refugee situation in Europe… Read more »