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05 Oct 2017

A global language for employability: reflections from EAIE 2017

I recently attended the EAIE 2017 Conference in Seville which saw more than 6000 delegates coming together from 95 different countries to discuss topics related to internationalisation in higher education. At the conference I co-delivered a workshop with Dr. Simon Robson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor from Northumbria University. The workshop was focused on introducing participants… Read more »

04 Oct 2016

Employer insights: What gets your students hired?

At EAIE Liverpool 2016, I had the privilege of organising an employer panel From learning to earning: employers’ perspectives on employability. [i]  In the session, representatives from multinational companies shared their insights into what they deem to be employable graduates. Our world café session was structured so that it would be as interactive as possible:… Read more »

14 Dec 2012

Employability: International internships and enterprise gyms

With the rapid globalisation of business and the advent of increasingly borderless careers, the graduates who will be most employable are those who demonstrate an understanding of the wider world around them and an ability to operate across cultures. Spending a period of time working in another country permits students to develop global employability skills… Read more »

13 Dec 2012

Employability: Rethinking internships for maximum effect

A major impact of the economic slowdown has been the decreasing numbers of graduates working with large-sized employers. In the UK, for example, less than 10% of graduates in their first job are on a graduate scheme with a major employer. In addition to this, jobless rates among those with higher education qualifications for the… Read more »

12 Dec 2012

Employability: Matching employer needs with student capabilities

Many graduates are struggling to find work due to increasing competition and fewer openings for new recruits. Concurrently, companies say that they cannot find graduates with the ‘right’ skills. Have universities lost track of the market and are they producing graduates that are not in demand? Just what can be done to bridge this divide?

10 Dec 2012

Employability: Are you doing enough for your students?

Employability is ‘the new black’, the current trend that higher education institutions are sporting in a bid to respond to the latest demands from society and governments. ‘Transferable skills’, ‘soft skills’, ‘self efficacy’ – the buzz words of today all materialise through a variety of employability initiatives being implemented across institutions worldwide. So what’s behind… Read more »